Actors Hong Ling and Nick Teo announce their wedding date – will they have time to plan?

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So, what’s on the rather long to-do list?

1. The theme. “I want to keep it simple so that I can be in the moment,” Hong Ling said.

2. The wedding colours. “I like hot red,” Hong Ling said, “but my stylist and Nick think red is not appropriate for a wedding theme. They want something more romantic, like white with pastel colours.”

3. The vows. “We both want to write our own vows. But, we haven’t started on it,” Nick said.

4. The march-in song. “I want it to be something romantic and slow-paced. But he wanted it to be comedic Chinese music,” Hong Ling said.

Nick defended his position: “I saw a video online and thought, ‘Eh, this is quite fun.’ I would want to play it at the start of the wedding to get everyone’s attention.” After all, “She kept telling me she wanted the wedding to be fun.” “But not this kind of fun,” Hong Ling shot back.

Instead, she would pick “probably my favourite song, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I love that song because on my 26th birthday, we went to Cebu to celebrate and that song was played during dinner. And when he proposed, Nick played this song as well.”

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