Wedding guests in Quwo fully recovered following alleged poisoning

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The patients who were alleged to have been poisoned in a wedding banquet in Quwo county, Shanxi province, have all fully recovered and been discharged from the hospital, according to a statement on the official website for Quwo County People”s Government on Tuesday.

The initial investigation revealed that about 470 people were present at a local restaurant for the banquet held on Sept 7. From the afternoon of the following day until Sept 12, 61 attendees exhibited symptoms of diarrhea. Quwo County People’s Hospital received the affected individuals, with nine of them requiring admission and the remaining 52 treated as outpatients.

Rumors circulating suggested that the cause was food poisoning at the banquet.

Official investigations by local authorities are still underway and the authorities have assured that the results will be promptly released to the public as soon as they become available.

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