11+ Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces Ideas For A Stunning Reception (2022)

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If you are looking to make a statement at your burgundy-themed wedding, unique centerpieces of matching color are a great way to do it. Most reception halls have standard table linens and place settings, so it can be hard to be creative with your decorations. However, centerpieces are a way to really make your reception stand out.

One way to make your wedding reception unique is to choose an interesting centerpiece. While burgundy flower arrangements are always a classic choice, there are many other options that can make your reception stand out. A unique centerpiece is more likely to be remembered than a boring one, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Live Fish

One unique centerpiece idea for a wedding reception is incorporating live fish into the centerpieces. Glass bowls can be used and filled with a few colorful glass marbles along or burgundy pearls with some water and exotic and colorful fish.

You could also include a small amount of fish food at the table with careful instructions on how to avoid overfeeding the fish. The children will have a lot of fun and will be less distracted than they would have been with a more traditional centerpiece. This lively and interactive centerpiece idea is sure to be a hit with kids and will even keep adults entertained.

Miniature Birdhouses And Flower Baskets

If you are getting married outdoors, choose natural decorations like miniature birdhouses and flower baskets. Wedding centerpieces do not have to be the “center” of the event. But they support the bride and groom with other wedding reception details.

Fresh Fruits And Burgundy Color Berries

You can use fruits as wedding centerpieces. Fruits are very affordable items and can be used as attractive wedding centerpieces.

You can have fresh fruits and burgundy color berries in your flower baskets that smell sweet like flowers, and you get the best of both worlds because the fruit is juicy enough to eat.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can make something wonderful out of these fruits.

A Collection Of Board Games

Another option for a unique centerpiece is to place a collection of board games in the center of each table. This can provide guests with something to do if they don’t enjoy dancing, and it can help them get to know other guests at their table if they don’t already know them. Decorate the board game boxes with burgundy ribbon to get a matching color scheme.

Cakes Or Cupcakes On A Pretty Serving Tray

Cake or cupcakes on a serving tray with fresh or artificial burgundy flowers makes a beautiful and unique centerpiece. This can be used in place of a traditional wedding cake.

Having several small cakes as centerpieces is not only a unique way to decorate your wedding, but it also allows you to have several different types of cakes and fillings. These centerpieces can be collected by the waitstaff and sliced in the kitchen for dessert, or they can be sliced at the individual tables for additional entertainment value.

Wedding Journal & Colorful Pens

A beautiful journal with a red wine cover of matching theme to the wedding can also serve as a unique centerpiece. This centerpiece will look lovely on the table and can also be used by guests to leave messages of congratulations or words of advice for the couple. This way, the couple will have a unique souvenir of their wedding day that is filled with the kind words of their guests.

Mirrors And Candles

Mirrors and burgundy candles can also be used to create unique centerpieces. A lit candle could be placed in the center of the table with several mirrors surrounding it. The flickering light of the candle reflecting on the glass makes for a very striking centerpiece especially if the light in the reception hall is kept dim.

Burgundy Gift Boxes

Gift boxes of several sizes can also be used to create unique centerpieces. The couple could make burgundy gift boxes of three different sizes and wrap each box in a different but complementary color of wrapping paper. Once the gift boxes are wrapped, they can be glued together at odd angles to create very unique centerpieces.

Puzzles Made Up From Pictures Of The Couple

Another unique centerpiece idea is to have puzzles made up from pictures of the couple. The pieces of the puzzle can be left scattered on the table. This unique centerpiece idea encourages guests to work together to try to put the puzzle together. This is especially useful if many of the guests do not know each other because it is a great ice breaker. You can easily make the words in the puzzle in burgundy colors or shades of maroon to have a consistent color scheme.

Champaign Flutes

Champaign flutes can also make for a truly unique centerpiece. You can purchase an assortment of flutes of various shapes and sizes from a thrift store and clean them up to use as centerpieces. The flutes can be arranged in an attractive but random pattern to create a unique centerpiece for any occasion. Get some burgundy ribbon or sticker to decorate.

Burgundy Flower Centerpieces

Classical and simple wedding centerpieces usually involve flowers and ornaments. Flowers are undoubtedly a popular choice for couples getting married because of the way they add color and a natural fragrance. Make sure to check availability on flowers, since they are seasonal and your choice may have to be shipped in from another country. You can see a list of popular burgundy wedding flowers in this guide.

If you’re having a wedding, an early arrival by the organizer can give you time to arrange all flower displays yourself. This will allow you to satisfy your curiosity and see how they look. Keep in mind that wrong blossoms can do more harm than good, taking away beauty instead of enhancing it. Other ideal options for a wedding centerpiece are silver candelabras. If you’re considering floating candles in a glass bowl, you can be sure of a pretty sight that will take the limelight.

How to design wedding centerpiece flower arrangement?

The centerpiece may not be the center of attention during the day, but if the floral arrangement is displayed with perfection in mind then you can expect a lot of great photos, appreciation and beautiful lifelong memory to remember.

  • In most cases, flowers are the best wedding centerpieces. The flowers give color and life to the receiving area. Above all, the flowers enliven the spirit of those present at the feast. It has a homely atmosphere, making the wedding reception program more interesting. 
  • Do not just go with the flowers. Consider the arranger as well. The flower arranger can also be the same arranger you hired to decorate the church. The wrong arrangement of flowers, colors and types of flowers used as a centerpiece is to the detriment rather than the benefit. Therefore, relevant details like this should be taken seriously.
  • Do not be constrained on one establishment only. It is best to shop and get a lot of ideas in advance for your centerpieces. Flowers are not the only thing that is considered a good wedding centerpiece. You can also buy some candles, glass bowls, floating and scented candles and more.
  • Consider what kind of vibe you want to project in the reception. If you want a more classic but simple wedding centerpiece, it is best to use flowers or other decorations. If your wedding and reception will be held away from the usual church and restaurant, it is best to choose a wedding centerpiece that is of matching vibe for the venue.
  • In choosing flowers, you need to consider the color, style, and the availability of the flowers for the season. There will be times when the type of flower you want to use as the centerpiece is not available. Be open minded to use different types of flowers as an alternative. Just remember that it should complement the color scheme and ambience of the overall wedding reception.

What are the best games to decide who will take home the centerpiece?

The question of who can bring the centerpiece home can sometimes be the center of discussion at the dining tables, especially if the centerpiece is stunning or more original.

Making a game about who gets the centerpiece can then be a fun distraction and many guests will enjoy it. Here are some ideas to decide which guest will get the centerpiece:

  • A game of 20 questions: Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. The MC or DJ asks a series of 20 questions, but first gives the guests the basic background information, that is, that the answer is an animal, place, person or thing. Once that’s taken care of, people can shout out questions and the MC or DJ will answer yes or no, and the person who shouts out the question gets to answer it. The game is repeated until one person at each table has won the centerpiece.
  • A number under the centerpiece: One popular way for brides to give away table centerpieces is to put a number on the bottom of the centerpiece and give each guest a number. At some point in the evening, a number is called, each guest checks their number, and whoever has the called number gets the centerpiece. There are many ways to put a twist on this traditional activity. For example, you might provide each table with a number, but make it a lower number (ie. between 1 and 10) and the DJ or MC could move from table to table and have each guest do something a certain number of times. So, at the first table, for example, the guests might need to do “head, shoulders, knees and toes” six times and whoever does it first gets the centerpiece. Or, at the second table, the guests might be required to sing the alphabet 3 times or sing “twinkle, twinkle, little star” three times and whoever does that first get the centerpiece.
  • Ask the guests to make something: Another fun activity for sharing the centerpiece is to ask guests to make something. The DJ or MC moves from table to table and announces what the guests at the table need to do to get to the centerpiece. Maybe it’s the Georgian Quarter or the Mint or a doctor’s visiting card. Whatever it is, the guest at each table who produces the desired item gets a centerpiece.
  • Who is the one with the strangest talent: You can always take it easy and present the centerpiece to the oldest person at the table or someone who has spent most of their years in college. Perhaps you can create an activity where the person with the strangest talent (based on tablemates’ votes) is the centerpiece winner. If possible, that person can then show their talent to the whole party.
  • Music chair: If you like a music chair, you can play a game of music vouchers to provide a middle ground. Someone who took the dollar bills and started playing. Everyone at the table passes a dollar bill around the table and when the game is over, whoever left holding the bill gets the centerpiece.
  • Who is having the closest birthday: One fun and easy idea is to ask someone whose birthday it is to learn the basics. At each table, the person whose birthday is closest to the wedding receives the centerpiece.
  • Who is having the best marriage: Or if there are married couples at the table, the couple who has been together the longest or the couple who was last married can get the centerpiece.
  • Tablemates vote: Maybe the centerpiece should be given to the one with the longest hair, best guest outfit, nicest teeth or the strangest shoe (again, the tablemates vote).

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11+ Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces Ideas For A Stunning Reception (2022)
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