11 wedding dance photos that’ll make you wanna boogie

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Ashley & Mike's wedding

If there’s one thing that we love more than dancing itself, it’s photos of people getting their groove on. Our philosophy on dancing is that the sillier you look, the more fun you’re having. So, we put together a collection some awesome brides, grooms and guests gettin’ down.

Trying to dance
Photos thanks to Brenner Liana Photography

Natalie and Ross got low at their wedding reception on Phillip Island. They also celebrated with a piñata, delicious paella, croquembouche, and a lolly buffet. MMMM.

Photo by Bryan Lebehn

Lisa and Kyle not only swayed the night away, but they had a mother-freakin’ chainsaw at their wedding.

Bride Dancing With Dad
Photo courtesy of Angelina Rose Photo

Melinda and Jerry met while playing softball. In honor of that, they had a softball-themed wedding and they got married at the field where they first met: Victory Lane in Glendale, AZ. I love how content Melinda looks while dancing with her father.

Photo thanks to James Reyes Photography

Speaking of contentment, don’t M and M look utterly blissed out?

Photo by Keleigh Layton Photography

Christy and Chris got married at the Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle, WA. They started the night off a little slower with a first dance to “I’ll Catch You” by The Get Up Kids…

Photo thanks to Luna Azul Photography

…Later, they picked up the pace and rocked the night away.

Dancing the Night Away
Ryan and Tara were dancing fools on their wedding night…

Father-Daughter Surprise Hip Hop Dance!
…Tara and her Father even choreographed a surprise hip-hop dance. They started their Father/Daughter dance out slow with “Butterfly Kisses,” and then they busted some moves to Ciara’s “One, Two Step.”

Cindy and Justin had their reception at a local dance club, the Sunset Club. At one point, this group started out doing a shuffle with cigarette’s hanging in their mouths, and a couple others joined in. Thus, it was dubbed the “cigarette dance.”

megan sandwich
Photo thanks to Benja Iglesis

Here’s a photo of Offbeat Megan getting down on her wedding night. I mean, what bride wouldn’t want to be surrounded by her best guy friends?

Hey, photographers! We love you and do our best to attribute all photos, but sometimes peeps don’t include your info when they submit photos. If I’ve featured your work but it isn’t properly credited, contact us!

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