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Recently a friend of mine sent out a tweet asking for gift ideas for her bridesmaids in which she added “…and don’t say jewelry.” Which got me to thinking, what are some good bridal party gifts for the ladies that aren’t jewelry. Even a check of the ‘ol archives brought up mostly jewelry suggestions, so let’s fix this. Here is a jewelry-free bridesmaid gift guide.

1. Flasks:

This was the winning decision generated from my friends Twitter inquiry. Someone suggested “monogrammed flasks! Boys get them, why shouldn’t the girls?!” I like this hot pink one that can be engraved. But yet another friend of mine pointed me in the direction of these funky and girly flasks. These “Boozemin” fake prescriptions flasks are always good for a giggle too.

2. Stationery:

I know, I know, kinda boring, but at the same time, super useful. And you can find tons of sources for unique stationery pretty much anywhere, and it’s not hard to make yourself. Of course, if you’re not the “make your own stationery” kind of person, we highly recommend checking out Minted.com — so many amazing choices from pretty to silly!

3. Fashion accessories:

Fascinators, scarves, belts, headbands — your girls can wear them in the wedding as well as in every day life. The DIY inclined can make them themselves using our tutorial or check out all of our awesome fashion accessory vendors to get some gift inspiration.

4. Custom pottery:

In our last post about bridesmaid gifts a couple of commenters mentioned “text bowls” from Esty seller Paloma’s Nest. At $22 each, it’s a cute and affordable way to tell your girls that you love them. Plus it gives them a place to put all the baubles that you won’t be buying for them.

5. The gift of adventure:

What about something like surf lessons or take the girls zip-lining. This idea would be perfect for a destination wedding — find something to do unique to the area and take your gang on a group trip. Not ones for adventure? Do a spa day or something — mani-pedies, or massages for all! Your friend will have fun and it’s great for group bonding.

6. A scarf [with pockets!]:

I nominate the Julian Scarf for the best invention of the year. What’s not to love about a colorful scarf with waterproof pockets!? I bought these for all ma’ lady friends for the holidays. I wear/use mine all the time. And they come in all sorts of different color combos to fit everyone’s personality, or to coordinate with your wedding colors. And for every two scarves you buy, they take $5 off your order.

7. Pampering products:

lush bath bombPretty much any LUSH product is awesome, hand-made, and cruelty-free. Create a basket full of goodies for your girls and include things like an effervescent bath bomb (pictured on the right). I am reminded of that one episode of Weeds: “My advice is to let it bubble between your legs. The carbonation effect… it’s really… enjoyable. And, it smells nice.”

8. Snuggies!:

No seriously, I know they’re silly and all but they’re also comfy! And if you get the pink one the purchase benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Also, how funny would it be to get them monogrammed? Ooh! And maybe this is just the photographer in me, but think of the crazy photo opportunities at the wedding! Go on — think about it — I dare you.

9. Earth-friendly, reusable tote bags:

Perfect to fill with your own personal “wedding survival kits,” or all the gear they’re gonna need to get ready for the wedding. And then when the festivities are over they can keep ’em in their car to use when they go antiquing on the weekends or general shopping outings. You can find so many styles of reusable tote bags on Amazon.

10. A “personal massager”:

Remember when Ariel included the Hitachi Magic Wand in her groomsmen gift round-up? Yeah, well it’s here too. And these babies should make for one happy, and less-stressed, bridal party. 🙂

11. A tattoo:

Something small and awesome, maybe even matching? Something that’s indicative of your friendship or just something that she’s been wanting for a while. I bought my best girl friend’s first tattoo — a tiny lady bug sized lady bug and it was a super fun bonding experience for me, and a life changing experience for her! (Since then she’s gotten too many tatts to count!)

12. Buy them their shoes:

Go on a group shoe shopping spree, or make it a one-on-one hunt for some fun bonding time with your friends. Budget brides can bring their party to raid a Payless, Ross or Target for fun and affordable choices. I had a beach wedding so I bought my entire wedding party Rainbow sandals and they thank me to this day.

13. Buy them their bridesmaid dresses:

Same thing with the shoes… take ’em out shopping as a group if you’re going for a the same dress for everyone look, or make it a one on one outing where they get to chose the dress of their choice (in a certain price range of course). And who doesn’t love a new dress!?

Of course it goes without saying that every one is different, and no one knows your buddies better than you. So, if they’d be happier getting a Lightsaber USB Thumbdrive than a bath bomb, keep that in mind. But whatever you get them (if you even get them anything) I’m sure you’re bridal party will be touched no matter what.

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