18 Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas the Bride Is Guaranteed To Love

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bachelorette party ideas

It’s one of the biggest responsibilities a friend-of-the bride can have: plan an unforgettable bachelorette party. It’s a classic part of the inauguration from Miss to Mrs.! She’s most likely put in a LOT of work at this point and is more than ready to kick up her feet. So, how do you do it? We’re here to help with 18 bachelorette party ideas that are as unique as the bride herself.

But first, a few non-negotiables if you want to make it truly memorable. Rule number one: make the day personal to the bride. You know your BFF, so tailor all the details to create a celebration custom-made for her. And rule number two? Throw out ALL the traditional bachelorette party ideas and get creative — a bachelorette party can be anything you want it to be! From yogi retreats to pasta eats…the sky is the limit.

Which party will you plan?

{photo above: Jen Rodriguez}

Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Free Spirit

1. Rent a House Where the Sun Always Shines

bachelorette party ideasWe’re partial to a girls’ getaway in Palm Springs, but maybe you’re closer to a lake or a pool house! Grab your suits, pack the floaties, and soak up the sun with your gals.
photo: London Light Photography // see more from this bachelorette brunch party

2. Tour a Flower Farm

bachelorette party ideasHere’s a super creative bachelorette party idea! Book a visit to a local flower farm to learn about seasonal varieties, sustainability in florals, build your own bouquets or crowns, and–oh yeah–take a TON of adorable photos with the girls! Perhaps the farm has a cute café on-site, or work with the farmers to set up a sweet little table for drinks and bites after! So. Many. Photo ops!
photo: Penelope Photography // see more from this flower farm bachelorette party

3. Glamp it Up

bachelorette party ideas
When camping and spas meet in the middle you’ve got glamping: a relaxing retreat outdoors where you sleep in an actual bed—praise hands! We love El Cosmico in West Texas and AutoCamp across California, but do a quick search to find options near you!
photo: Carlie Statsky // more from this glamping getaway at AutoCamp

4. Opt For a Desert Getaway

bachelorette party ideas
If a little space + quiet sounds ideal, there’s nothing like a desert escape. Bring a few pieces for home or check out a local rental company to create a dinner that’s doubly special.
photo: A Raw Collection // more from this bachelorette party in Joshua Tree

Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Wellness Minded

5. Incorprate Affirmations

bachelorette party ideas
Planning a wedding is a mental game — and it’s mentally exhausting. Give the bride a little mind massage and some major inspiration by incorporating affirmation cards into the day.
photo: Sylvie Rosokoff // more from this socially distant gal’s party

6. Go On a Yoga or Wellness Retreat

bachelorette party ideasDo all the downward dogs, eat all the kale salads, drink all the ashwagandha smoothies — and feel like a new woman by the end of it all. Here are 10 wellness vacation destinations to get you started!
photo: Mandee Johnson Photography // more from this yoga-inspired bachelorette party

7. Try a Sound Bath or Meditative Group Class

bachelorette party ideas
Sound baths are just the latest trend in holistic wellness and we hear the results are AMAZING. A time to relax, reflect and think about all the good things to come surrounded by your best girls. Sounds healing already. (We’ve got our eye on Five Senses in Malibu if you want to learn more!) image via Five Senses

8. Rejuvenate With a Spa Day

bachelorette party ideas
No one will ever complain about spending a day at the spa and chances are HIGH that your bride-to-be BFF needs it more than you know. Or, make it a bit more personal and plan a spa day at home (here are some great ideas to pull it together)!
photo: Mandee Johnson Photography // more from this yoga-inspired bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Foodie

9. Go On a Foodie Tour

bachelorette party ideas

If the bride is hungry for something a little different, try tasting the local best! You can find a foodie tour in almost every major city, so book one close to your or road trip to the next city over for a quick — and delicious — excursion.
photo: Megan Welker // see more from this girls getaway

10. Book a Private In-Home Cooking Class

bachelorette party ideasBring the chef to you and learn how to make a delicious meal together! Search for at-home cooking classes in your area and get to chopping.

11. Roll Up To a Pasta Class

bachelorette party ideasThe only thing better than eating carbs with your BFFs is making carbs with your BFFs! If you’re near New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Vegas, or Los Angeles, Eataly offers pasta + pizza making classes which we totally recommend. Because if you can’t go to Italy, may as well eat like you’re there!
photo: Wild Whim Design & Photography

12. Visit a Winery

bachelorette party ideasIt’s like bar hopping but with way more photo ops and way fewer unwanted advances! Because you are classy modern women, after all, and you aren’t afraid to get your day drinking on.
photo: Carlie Statsky // more from this girls getaway guide

Classic Bachelorette Party Ideas With a Twist

13. Babes Who Brunch

bachelorette party ideas
Got a brunch-lover on your hands? Start the day earlier with a brunch spread that totally sets the tone. A day that starts with gourmet donuts is already a winner! photo: Anna Delores Photography // more from this chic summer party

14. Make it a Movie Night

bachelorette party ideas
Outdoor movie night? Sign us up. Grab all the pillows and rugs, snag her favorite snacks, and set up a movie night she won’t forget! Make it fun by creating a little drinking game to go along with her favorite film!
photo: White On Black // more from this destination bachelorette party

15. Take a Group Art Class

bachelorette party ideasDrawing, painting, ceramics, watercolor, jewelry, floral arrangements — the list goes on! See if the instructor will allow a few bottles of wine and let the creativity flow.

16. A Different Kind of Night Out

bachelorette party ideasExplore your city from a different point of view! Start with cocktails at the hotel before dining at the bride’s favorite spot. Hit up a comedy show, or a concert, or a play! Finish up at a rooftop bar before crashing at a boutique hotel that most certainly will bring you lots of bacon and coffee in the morning.

17. Go All Out With a Theme

bachelorette party ideas
This party was all out ’90s! We love the idea of running with a theme or a trend. Is there something especially niche the bride loves? Maybe she’s an avid reader, binges teenage dramas on Netflix, or spends her weekends thrifting. There are endless ways to create a super-fun party theme that’s tailored just to the bride!
photo: Sanaz Photography // more from this rad ’90s-inspired bachelorette party

18. Cross off a Bucket-List Trip

bachelorette party ideasIf you’re ready to go ALL in, book a getaway somewhere she’s always wanted to go. Take it a step further by hiring an event team to plan a special night just for your crew!
photo: White On Black // more from this destination bachelorette party

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