19+ Burgundy Maroon Black And White Wedding Ideas 2022 Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Monotone Wedding (Dresses, Nails, Hair, Suit, Shirt, Cake, Party Theme)

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Burgundy, white and black is rather a ‘vampire’ looking wedding color scheme, but it is in trend now as it is an uncommon idea!

The color scheme is amazing not only for moody fall or winter weddings, these colors will be nice also for Halloween, Gothic, vampire and luxurious decadent themed parties, especially if you add gold. You can also change burgundy to maroon to get more ‘red’ tone instead of ‘purple’ tone if your wedding will be in summer or spring.

Want to see how to pull such a color scheme off with chic? Here are some inspiration.

Black And Burgundy Wedding Ideas

Burgundy color itself is a classic wedding color and it has been used widely in weddings at all 4 seasons. No matter it is a main wedding color, or just an accent color in wedding color, burgundy isn’t going away anytime soon. It can be combine with black and white colors to make your big day stand out, the key is how to get a right balance of these three colors to get the unique perfect wedding vibe.

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Black And Burgundy Wedding Dresses

A full black wedding dress with black veil looks really unusual but it is not unheard of. You can match the statement black gown with burgundy bridal bouquet, nails, hair dye, belt, makeup, heels and other accessories.

Or else you can choose a gown with burgundy and black color. Keep scrolling for inspiration and rock these colors in your wedding attire! 

Try These Burgundy Makeup To Perfect The Special Moment.

Black And Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

The burgundy bridesmaid dresses is bold and sophisticated, forming a striking effect with the elegance.

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Black And Burgundy Nails

Nails in wine color and black or white will be all eye-catching for weddings!

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Black And Burgundy Hair

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Black And Burgundy Wedding Suit

A groom may choose a burgundy tuxedo with black lapels, a black shirt and tie for a statement look, complete the total black looks with burgundy boutonnieres to create the wow effect.

Black And Maroon Salwar Suit

This palette will make the wedding sophisticated and unforgettable.

Black And Maroon Punjabi Suit

Black Suit Burgundy Tie

Black And Burgundy Tuxedo

Black Suit Burgundy Shirt

Black And Maroon Shirt

Black And Burgundy Wedding Cake

Spruce up your bold black and burgundy party with a black and burgundy wedding cake. It may include blooms of various shades of these colors, some berries and may be refreshed with some textural greenery and dark foliage. If you want the wedding cake to stand out even more, prefer a light neutral color ribbon or flower to contrast.

Black And Burgundy Wedding Invitations

Invite your wedding guests to the wedding sending gorgeous black and burgundy wedding invites with pressed calligraphy and a touch of gold.

Burgundy And Black Wedding Party

Decorate your wedding reception in black and burgundy: rock candles of these colors, dark florals, black chargers, burgundy napkins, black tablecloths and add touches of gold for a more refined look for the party backdrop.

Burgundy, Black And White Wedding Theme

Burgundy And White Wedding Ideas

Burgundy, when mixing with more white color, it becomes refreshing and thriving. The color palette is perfect for spring or even summer weddings. You can make your ladies in burgundy bridesmaid dresses and flower girls in white while holding burgundy bouquets.

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19+ Burgundy Maroon Black And White Wedding Ideas 2022 Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Monotone Wedding (Dresses, Nails, Hair, Suit, Shirt, Cake, Party Theme)
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