21+ Maroon Red & Burgundy Toe Nail Art (2022 Designs Trends)

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While burgundy is a go-to color for fall outfits, it also works as a trendy toenail polish. Burgundy toes nail art is a stylish way of showing off how bold and classy you are.

Burgundy toe designs are the current trend in nail art. Burgundy is a strong and bold color and people are looking for new ways to use it as everyday wear or evening wear. So how will you incorporate burgundy toenail art into your daily routine?

Everyone wants to make special and unique toenail designs. You can choose your nail design from the numerous designs available. You can get limitless fun with your toenails if you have the best items and accessories for nail art.

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How to choose the best toe nail color for you?

Your toe nail color should match with your skin color, lipstick color, outfit and shoes style. The nail color should also be right for the occasion and season. Your manicure and pedicure doesn’t have to match. But applying similar shades of nail polish to your fingers and toes is easier to handle for beginners.

What is burgundy toe nail color for?

Burgundy color is the toe nail polish that goes with everything. The burgundy nail color is an elegant color that is suitable for formal and casual occasions. Burgundy nail polish can be a great choice for ladies with pale or fair skin because it enhances the look of your skin and nails.

What colors compliment burgundy toe nail polish?

Burgundy nail polish looks classy and elegant with gold, silver, rose gold, yellow, bright red, gray, black and white colors. You can try burgundy, black and gold nails or maroon, black and silver nails for 3 colors combinations. For special occasions such as birthday and Christmas, try glitter, ombre or matte finish for your pedicure designs.

Burgundy nail polish usually comes in different shades, and will result in a different vibe while combined with the above mentioned colors.

  • Maroon: Burgundy + Brown
  • Wine: Burgundy + Red
  • Plum: Burgundy + Purple

How to shape toenails at home?

Remember to keep your toes trimmed straight across instead of rounding the corners. Ingrown toenails and infections can occur if your toenails are cut too short. Make sure you do not cut your cuticles. Instead, you can gently push them back toward the base of your nail with an orangewood stick.

How to do your own toe nail polish at home?

To achieve a professional-looking toe nail polish finish, begin painting at the top of the nail and gently glide the brush down one side of the nail bed, getting as close to, but not touching, the cuticle line. Then repeat on the opposite side of the nail.

How to remove toe nail polish?

Common household items that can be used to remove toe nail polish includes deodorant, hand sanitizer, perfume, hair spray, baking soda and toothpaste. First, scrub your nails with one of these househol items as a mild abrasive. After a few minutes of scrubbing, wipe your nail with a cloth to see if this method worked.

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21+ Maroon Red & Burgundy Toe Nail Art (2022 Designs Trends)
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