23+ Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Color Scheme Ideas To Copy In 2022

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When it comes to wedding colors, many couples opt for something more traditional, like white or ivory. But what about the modern bride who wants to stand out?

There are lots of ways to build a refreshing wedding theme around yellow and burgundy colors.

When it comes to yellow color, it was considered an underused idea in weddings. Although the popularity of this shade has been on the rise, many brides still feel confused about how to plan every detail for a successful yellow and burgundy wedding combo.

For autumn and winter, you can use a lot of greenery along with gentle white fabrics and wooden details for a mustard yellow rustic feel.

For spring and summer, you can use gradients of dark and bright yellow, orange, peach, maroon and burgundy colors to form a really passionate wedding color combination with a lighter color tone.

We’ve gathered a gallery filled with burgundy and yellow wedding inspiration with the most beautiful details to get you inspired. Take a look!

Want to save money? Check out these affordable yellow and burgundy wedding ideas for last-minute shopping!

Burgundy And Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

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✅ Best Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

SUPPER soft fabric – Convertible infinity dress can be worn and created many different styles for any body shapes, the Multiway dresses are the best choice for bridesmaids on the wedding.

It is important to consider the other colors in the bridal party’s wardrobe when choosing the color for the bridesmaid dresses. For example, if the bride is wearing yellow, then the rest of her ensemble, outfits of everyone else and wedding decor should also be bright and cheerful in order to work together.

Burgundy And Yellow Wedding Shoes

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✅ Best Yellow Wedding Shoes

Comfortable – Open-toe shoes with very light heels, bare sides and adjustable buckle ankle straps, so it is comfortable to wear and easy to walk. They can be paired with any clothing, chunky heel sandals suitable for creativity in parties, weddings.

Burgundy And Yellow Wedding Table Decorations

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✅ Best Table Centerpiece Balloons Stand Kit

Easy to Assemble & Disassemble – Connect the stick with the union joints, two thick sticks joined together,connect three long sticks to three short sticks. And then put the cups to the head of the sticks. Put the thick stick in the middle of the base, and insert the other sticks into the base. Finally insert balloons into cups.We advise use glue to fix the balloon surface and base to ensure it stands steadily.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Heels

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✅ Best Charming Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Heels

STYLISH ANKLE STRAP FOR A SECURE FIT – Featuring a slim strap that hugs your ankle for custom support and provides a comfort throughout wear. Perfect for any time.

Burgundy And Yellow Makeup

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✅ Best Burgundy And Yellow Makeup

SOFT AND SMOOTH BLENDED – Very silky when you touch the red eye shades power. With the super creamy, velvety soft and smooth powder, it is easy to used and blend well. You can create rich and superimposed with different style eye makeup. With a mixture of matte and shimmer/ metallic shades, suit for all skin tones,and friendly for sensitive skin.

Yellow And Burgundy Nails

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✅ Best Beetles 20 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Kit

Fall-Winter Color Gel – Beetles nail gel polish kit comes in a beautiful gift box. They are appropriate for any holiday or special event, such as birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day gift. No more struggle to decide which colors should select. Glam and glitter nail designs can be freely finished with these vibrant color gel.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Hat

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Cakes

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✅ Best Daisy Flower Cake Topper For Wedding

Lovely Cake Topper – The daisy cake decoration is made of resin and carefully handmade. It looks like a fondant material, which will give your cake a gorgeous effect.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces

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✅ Best Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Gorgeous and Well Made – The flower stem was nicely wrapped with ivory satin ribbon and a lovely bow was added. It will easily fit into any simple centerpieces container like mason jars, bud vases, glass vases, etc.

Some brides think a yellow wedding works the best with lavender, mint, grey, coral, green, navy and teal color. But they will not look like a wedding at all. I still think yellow and burgundy will be the best yellow wedding combo as burgundy is a more traditional wedding color, while yellow will inject some refreshing mood.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Jewellery For Bride

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✅ Best Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Jewellery For Bride

Beautiful, sturdy necklace – Gorgeous classic necklace. Beautiful velvety bag comes with it to store it. Looks expensive. Paired well with vintage lace wedding gown. Felt like a queen. The pics say it all!

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Motif

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✅ Best Vintage Sunflower Wedding Bouquets For Bride

Perfect Wedding Bridal Bouquet – Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect addition to your wedding bouquets to bring joy on your special day. Perfect for rustic wedding , festival , parties , church, snapshot , etc . You could use it as wedding bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet or toss bouquet or photography props.

Yellow And Burgundy For Flower Girls, Boys & Toddlers

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✅ Best

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Guest Dress

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✅ Best Women’s Vintage Cocktail Party Dresses

LASSY AND VINTAGE DRESSES UP – This is elegant a-line work party wedding guest dress. Retro women’s round neck a-line dress cut perfect match with a hats, heels/wedges/flip flops, nice earrings necklace, jewelry, make you more feminine.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Reception Decor

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✅ Best Balloons Garland Arch Kit For Wedding

Perfect arch – The balloons are made of high-quality latex, non-toxic. All balloons are very full in color and not easy to explode. The balloon can be filled with air, helium, and water to meet your different uses.

When it comes to reception decoration for a yellow and burgundy wedding, choose a lighter yellow shade to match with neutral décor if you are looking for a chic vibe. Both this shade, darker mustard or pale yellow tone is especially complementary to a vintage-inspired celebration.

Burgundy And Yellow Wedding Flowers

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✅ Best Artificial Peony Flowers Combo For DIY Wedding

Ideal DIY Wedding Decor – This is a combo pack of different types of flowers and different colors as a theme. Ready for you to create your bouquets, centerpieces, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

Flowers are an important part of any wedding but can be expensive if you don’t plan ahead. However, they play an important role in the celebration and atmosphere of the wedding and can symbolize joy, fertility, and prosperity. For a burgundy and yellow color scheme wedding, make sure to include some sunflowers with your floral arrangement to complete the look.

Burgundy And Yellow Wedding Bouquet

When you are thinking about the wedding bouquet you want for your wedding, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Don’t just assume that you should get fresh flowers!

There are many good reasons why you might choose to get silk flowers instead… Make sure to read this wedding bouquet guide to avoid mistakes.

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✅ Best Decorative Artificial Rose and Hydrangea Wedding `Flowers

Simply Beautiful – After ordering several different bouquets this brand is the most life-like. They didn’t come flat, packaged well, and puffy like they should be. Love them for your wedding!

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Backdrop

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✅ Best Burgundy Ivory Balloon Garland

Easy to Assemble – The burgundy ivory gold confetti balloons pack including three different size, there are 12 inch, 10 inch and 5 inch balloons, each size have enough quantity to make a pretty and astonishing balloon garland kit. also including strip tape and dot glue which can help you to make balloon arches more easily. By using them, you will save time and energy. It will be a funny family craft to DIY with your family.

Burgundy And Yellow Bridal Party

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✅ Best Burgundy Orange Yellow Gold Confetti Balloons For Wedding

Good product – Love these colors together. Used for an outdoor fall party! Would buy it again! Well-filled balloons were fun.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Invitation

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✅ Best Wedding Invitation Cards For Wedding

Quality wedding invites! – The quality is incredible and delighted to send these out to your guests! The box was carefully and securely packaged so that no moisture could seep inside and damage the stationary during shipping. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for stunning wedding invitations!

Burgundy And Yellow Hair

If you are looking for something really uncommon, then temporarily dye your hair yellow or burgundy! See these yellow and burgundy wedding color pictures and get inspired!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Semi Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

Works amazingly!!!!! – It works amazingly, very easy to apply as if it were shampoo or you can also apply it with a brush for a different finish. If you use it on dry hair, the color is even more intense. It degrades with washes but never looks yellow, which is good.

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Suit For Groomsmen

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✅ Best Burgundy Wedding Outfits For Men

SUITABLE FOR YOUR STYLE – This Formal/Wedding Suit Set is With Slim Fit cut from 3D draping. This Will a Little Tighter Than Regular Suits. But it Is Easier to Present Your Perfect Figure. And thanks to our accurate size suggestion And Respond to Timely Customer Service. You Will Become the Focus of the Occasion Throughout the Day After You Wear It.

Yellow And Burgundy Mixed Wedding Dress

Are you hesitating about a yellow and burgundy wedding dress as it might be too bright? Not sure how to pull it together?

I promise you that once you start your styling you’ll come to find that yellow is actually a really easy color to work with for all seasons! Just be sure to include various shades of yellow, some deep and some lighter and you’re sure to create a look that’s picture-perfect!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Women’s V Neck Satin Prom Dress For Wedding

Perfect Prom Dress – Perfect formal dress, priced just right. Wore this for a fun formal photoshoot .but you can wear it to prom. It has pockets and a cellphone fit in with plenty of extra room. It was easy to steam the wrinkles out and you were very comfortable. Great buy! Highly recommend!!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Baby Girls Infant Lace Burgundy Wedding Dress

This outfit was perfect! – This outfit arrived quickly, just as described, fit perfectly and was beautiful! It had everything she needed to be included with it. Shoes, bows for the dress and even a cute little bow for her head. The color was stunning!

Yellow And Burgundy For Pets On Wedding

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Adjustable Formal Pet Bowtie Collar Neck Tie For Dogs

Generous size, nicely made. – The material is awesome. It looks and feels like quality linen instead of the cheap polyester you’d expect at this price. The collar attaches via a piece of velcro behind the bow. The velcro is about 2″ long and should allow for a slight adjustment.

What colors go well with a yellow-themed wedding?

Yellow is a cheerful color that will make the guests feel happy. To make the atmosphere more wedding-associated and formal, you can add shades of classic colors such as wine, maroon, burgundy, red and navy blue. These colors will contrast well with the yellow color and result in amazing photoshoots for the big day.

Does burgundy go with yellow for a wedding?

The burgundy and yellow colors are complementary and can be used together to create a stylish wedding. Together, the burgundy and yellow color scheme will give a wedding vibe that is unique, energetic, welcoming, warm and cheerful. Burgundy is often associated with luxury, so it is a great color to use at an important event like a wedding. Burgundy is also a common outfit color that works for all body sizes and skin colors, so it will be easier to set a wedding with burgundy color as the base, then compliment with yellow accessories that are bright and cheerful.

What colors go with yellow and burgundy color scheme wedding?

When choosing a color palette for your wedding, it is important to consider both the bride and groom’s individual styles and the targeted vibe of the wedding. A burgundy wedding with yellow accents can be very romantic and elegant. You can add shades of brown, burnt orange, mustard yellow for a rustic wedding theme. Other complementary colors that could be used in a cheerful Boho-themed yellow and burgundy wedding include pink, purple, blue and green. For a classic style burgundy and yellow wedding, you can opt for slate blue, navy blue, ivory, rose gold and gold.

Looking for affordable last-minute pretty yellow and burgundy ideas? Try to save money with the next-day delivery of Amazon prime. Here is a recap of what you will need for your wedding:

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