25+ Royal Blue And Burgundy Color Combination Ideas (2022)

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Burgundy plays a big role in today’s modern wedding designs, adding attractive, powerful, graceful energy to any wedding color combination. When matched with classic royal blue, a wedding can take on a bohemian style fit for the heart of any season.

If you’re planning a royal blue and burgundy wedding theme, let’s take a look at how you might incorporate the colors into every detail of your big day.

What Is The Meaning Of Royal Blue For Wedding?

Royal blue is a deep, vivid blue. To be precise royal blue color is

  • Hex: #4269E2
  • RGB: (66, 105, 226)
  • CMYK: 0.707, 0.535, 0, 0.113
  • Pantone: 19-3955 TCX

Royal blue is the color of Sapphires. This gorgeous gem is a beautiful sky blue color reminding us of not only the sky but also heaven. It is a spiritual color to be used in weddings. A royal blue wedding gown suggests femininity and purity. A royal blue suit symbolizes stability, security, and lifelong loyalty.

Royal blue is lighter than navy blue but darker than dusty blue. It is a common misconception that royal blue and navy blue are the same color. In fact, royal blue is a far more saturated version of blue, while navy blue is a darker shade.

What Is The Meaning Of Burgundy Color For Wedding?

Burgundy is a dark red wine color with shades of purple. To be precise burgundy color is

  • Hex: #810020
  • RGB: (129, 0, 32)
  • CMYK: 0, 1, 0.751, 0.494
  • Pantone: 19-1617 TCX

Burgundy color symbolizes passion, energy, wealth, power, and ambition. It is a good luck wedding color in many cultures and the color of the ruby.

Burgundy color is with more purplish tinge than Maroon color. It is a common misconception that burgundy and maroon are the same color. In fact, maroon is with more brown undertone than burgundy, and it is a more conservative color involving thoughtful action beyond passion.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Hair

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✅ Best Royal Sapphire Blue Hair Dye

DIY & beginner-friendly – You’re good to go! No lengthy tutorial necessary, Insert Color Here is ready to use as it comes, straight out of the jar. No need for a hair dye kit or to mix this temporary hair color with any developers, lighteners, or permanent colorants.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Color Wedding Dress

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Dress

Love this dress!! – The fabric is thick and heavy, the style is very nice, it serves as a Princess Lea costume, The dress fit perfectly. It was so comfortable, easy to steam and received many compliments on the color and style.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Nails

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✅ Best Royal Blue And Burgundy Color Nails

long-lasting – 6 Classic Colors gel nail polish set, made of polyester, non-toxic, safe for nails and skin.You can make different colors combinations and create more imaginative nail art decoration. DIY your own nail art style to be the special one.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Suit

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✅ Best Men’s 3 Piece Slim Fit Suit

MODERN STYLE & SLIM FITTING – This tuxedo / suit set is with slim-fitting cut from 3D draping. Slim-fitting suits are a little tighter than regular suits. They make you look slimmer and smarter. And thanks to your accurate size suggestion, you will find it not only slim but also comfortable. You will get tons of compliments throughout the day!

Royal Blue And Burgundy Shirt For Groomsmen

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✅ Best Mens Floral Rose Printed Shirt

Nice shirt 👌🏽 – Very elegant lovely material and Button closure is well Sewen perfect . The buttons need to be black to match but the texture design on design looks rich and very expensive .

Royal Blue And Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

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✅ Best Women’s Off The Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Beautiful dress for sure! – This chic off-shoulder gown with a gorgeous sweep train, made from comfortable chiffon fabric, is an excellent choice for you. An illusion sweetheart neckline adds glamour to this sleeveless dress while the thigh-high slit brings a charming appearance. 40+ hot colors and US 2-US 26W sizes for your choice, custom-made service is also available. Any requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Flowers

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✅ Best Artificial Rose Flowers

Versatile – There foam roses are great for creating floral arrangements, like wedding bouquets and decorations.  These roses are handmade, please understand that the size may vary slightly and there might be slightly color difference between different dye lots.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Dress For Wedding

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Guest Dress

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Guest Dress

Fit perfectly! – This dress is a great mix of modest, classy, and sexy. It hugs all the right curves in all the right places. It is inexpensive and perfect for a dressy night out.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Suits

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✅ Best 3 Pieces Casual Wear Slim Fit Suit for Men

Perfect for themed wedding – This 3 pcs suit set is suitable for various occasions, such as prom party, weddings , business meetings, cosplay party, homecoming party, grand holidays or daily wear. You can also purchase several color suits, and mix match color to wear.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Shoes

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Shoes For Bride

Wedding shoes -comfortable and classy – Wore these for wedding, which was in a vineyard and on gravel. Shockingly comfortable! So pretty and absolutely perfect! Great heel height, ankles didn’t roll out of them, but still high enough to have the sexy appeal. Comes with a heel and ball pads for the foot! Was such a great deal for the price.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Heels 

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Heels 

Super cute strapping shoe. – These shoes…so cute! ordered another pair from another site but heel was chunkier and too big. If you like the thinner heel, and the straps on this pair was super fun! Super cute, lots of compliments and will work for casual or more formal. Height is perfect too. Lots of colors make it easy to wear with a variety of colors.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Invitation

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Cards

Beautiful Invitations! – They came as expected . For the price and the quality it was all worth it. bought letter stamp and wax sealed them! They were beautiful, very pleased with the invitations.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Cakes

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✅ Best Blue Balloon Garland Arch Cake Toppers

Fantastic cake topper – Balloons cake toppers are perfect for decorating many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, desserts. It’s suitable for all ages, especially for children.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Bouquet

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✅ Best Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Absolutely beautiful – When they first arrived to be honest after viewing them folded up so neatly and compactly in the box with their very thin stems wondered if they would be a hero or a zero… But after taking time to unfold, arrange and securely bundle them into a Beautiful bouquet they looked AMAZING!!!… and provided the perfect compliment to home decor… THESE ARE THE BEST FLOWERS EVER!!!… 🤗🤗🤗

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces

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✅ Best Royal Blue Vintage Wedding Centerpiece

Great value, very beautiful abd realistic looking!! – The artificial flowers are made of high quality fabric material by excellent technique, which makes the fake flowers looks very real. The artificial flowers and leaves of the bouquet shows nature color neither rigid nor dull, which makes them more lifelike. They wont fading for a long time.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Nails

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✅ Best Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Nails

Good collection – Press on Nails makes nail art shape easier,just file and shape your nails, clean your nail bed, apply adhesive tabs ( nail glue) on nail tips, then press on nail tips on your natural nail, will get salon effect in few seconds.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Party Backdrop

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Party Backdrop

PARTY PLANNERS IT’S A GO!!!!!! – Sequin fabric backdrop full dense sequins embroidered on mesh fabric, making shimmer sequin fabric photography backdrop not easily see through.PLS NOTED: Pictures displayed on different displays will have a partial chromatic aberration.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Motif

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Motif

Surprisingly Realistic! 😲 – Product as described. Flowers look great! Came stuffed in the bag, but if you flare them out, they look fine. The color blue is not too light or too dark. These are perfect for Christmas tree. The stems that come with the flowers are 10 inches long so if you’re looking for longer stems, these won’t work out.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Hat

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✅ Best Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Hat

Better than expected – Arrived sooner than expected. Nice quality construction and have already purchased several other colors. Definitely recommend!!!

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Table Decorations

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✅ Best Satin Table Runner For Wedding

Great product for the price. – This runner is beautiful. Brilliant blue. Made the table “pop”. If royal blue is the color you are looking for, this is it. Gave the table a classy neat look.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Hair Accessories

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✅ Best Royal Blue Twist Pearl Hairpins Headpiece Set

Fairy Dust magic touch – Rose u-shaped hair pins with rhinestone decoration and twist hair pins with pearl decoration. Pretty look and easy to use. They are good assistant for your makeup and easy to DIY your own hair style. They can be arbitrarily matched to add crowning touch for brides and bridesmaids. Make women or little girls look more pretty and graceful.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Makeup

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Makeup

Very happy with this product! – The colorful eyeshadow palette with three types of shades, which include 6 matte, 6 shimmer and 3 glitter. The completely meet all the essential need of the natural daily eye makeup look or a drama bold look.Velvet and smooth powder is easy to layer and blend, no irritating and long lasting. Great for all skin tones.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Reception

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✅ Best Navy Blue Balloon Arch Kit

PREMIUM BALLOON SET – All Navy blue and silver white balloons are made from high quality latex material, resistant and durable, lasting for long times. Balloon accessories are made from premium plastic, can be used repeatedly.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Decorations

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✅ Best Artificial Flowers Fake Roses Vine Plants Garland

just so pretty – The beautiful artificial rose vine looks real, pretty and exquisite, the clear texture on leaves and flower heads is very true to nature, Whole flowers shape is very rich and natural, with bright colors and shiny.

What Colors Go Well With Royal Blue Themed Wedding?

Royal blue is a popular color for beach weddings because it is the color of the ocean and the sky. The best complementary colors for royal blue are shades of blue colors, such as navy blue, powder blue, sky blue, baby blue, teal and light blue. Other colors that can be used in a royal blue-themed wedding include burgundy, chocolate brown, maroon, wine red, gold, rose gold, blush pink, beige, cream, white, ivory, gray, silver and black.

Does Burgundy Go With Royal Blue For A Wedding?

A royal blue and burgundy wedding color scheme illustrates how analogous colors may be used successfully together. Note you do not need to drive yourself crazy and stay strict with the color codes. Colors are perceived differently under different lighting conditions and surrounding colors so it is fine as long as you have fun with similar shades.

One way to use royal blue and burgundy together is to use dark blues as a base, with neutrals to help mediate the colors. This will create a jewel-like or stained-glass effect, which is perfect for suits, wedding dresses, glass accessories, glossy enamel or silk-like fabrics. An example of this would be a blue and burgundy floral print outfit with a cream background. If you want to use these colors in a centerpiece or table runner, back them with rose gold, gray, or ivory backdrop.

Another way to increase the flexibility of burgundy might be to use it with a very pale, soft pink, making a strong-toned color more responsive to the extensive range of colors suitable for wedding decor.

What Colors Go With Royal Blue And Burgundy Color Scheme Weddings?

When it comes to color schemes for weddings, royal blue and burgundy are two colors that are often paired together. This is because both colors are considered to be classy, versatile and elegant.

While there are many different color combinations that can be achieved with these colors, many people choose to go with a traditional wedding color scheme. This means that the bride will typically wear a royal blue dress or suit, and the groom will wear a burgundy dress or suit. 

If you’re looking for a more unique 3 colors scheme for your wedding, you may want to consider adding shades of yellow, ivory or pink for spring and summer weddings. For fall or winter weddings, you can add darker shades of green, gold, red, brown and black. Explore balancing these three hues throughout your wedding furniture, your floral arrangements, and your wedding stationery.

What Is The Best Color Combination For A Royal Blue Dress?

Choosing a color for a royal blue dress can be tricky. The color is very formal and should match the bridal party’s attire. Some popular color combinations for accessories of a traditional look are navy blue and white, light blue and ivory, or burgundy and red.

How To Wear Burgundy And Royal Blue Wedding Outfits?

Both burgundy and royal blue make lovely options for the groom’s suit and bride’s gowns. Show off your trendy sense of style by weaving these two moody colors into every detail of your wedding outfits.

The multitude of wine color decorative schemes suggests you might think of using burgundy the way you would use dark maroon, charcoal gray, or even black if you are looking for a darker wedding theme with royal blue. In contrast, small accessories in bright burgundy will bring warmth and sharp definition to the coolness and tranquil qualities ascribed to all shades of royal blue. Combining touches of burgundy with icy royal blue makes the most of this strongly contrasting wedding outfit style.

Looking for affordable last-minute pretty royal blue and burgundy ideas? Try to save money with the next-day delivery of Amazon prime. Here is a recap of what you will need for your wedding:

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