28+ Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Ideas (2022 Classic Theme)

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Have your heart set on wearing an ivory wedding dress with burgundy highlights?

Learn how to use deep, rich colors and unique details to create a boho-inspired burgundy and ivory-perfect wedding for 2022.

We talked about burgundy + blue, burgundy + silver, burgundy + pink and many other burgundy-themed wedding designs before. If you want to go for a more classy and traditional approach then burgundy + ivory is for you.

Add to cart these inexpensive ivory & burgundy wedding necessities so you do not miss them at the last minute:

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Dress

Often referred to as “eggshell,” ivory hue has quickly become the most popular shade of white for modern brides.

The ivory wedding dress has a similar meaning as the white dress, it means innocence, virginity, purity, a new start, and peace. One of the top reasons why brides go for ivory wedding dresses instead of the white color is because Ivory color matches better to a vintage classy wedding style, also it works better on certain skin tone/hair color when compared to a pure white color.

The creamy color adds a level of luxury while still photographing as white. Some ivory dresses have yellow undertones as opposed to just a soft white look.

It is very common to add some burgundy details to an ivory wedding dress in the format of wine color ribbons, crystals, florals and silk trims. If you do not want any burgundy color on the wedding dress, you can still add some maroon burgundy highlights through the choice of makeup, hair dye, bouquet, heels, nail art etc.

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Dress Bridal Gown

This dress is amazing – This dress is absolutely stunning. Beautiful material and the detail, well it’s amazing. The dress arrived a week early, and the whole process from purchase to receiving it has been excellent! can not wait to wear it on your wedding day. 💕💕💕Definitely recommend vantexi !!!

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✅ Best Ivory Jewel Lace Wedding Dress

Awesome Quality for an Amazing Price – Absolutely loved this dress. The maker of this dress was simply awesome took the time to ask and answer questions to make sure it fits perfectly. Truly felt like a princess! Thank you so much!

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✅ Best Wedding Bridal Long Veil With Lace

Beautiful – Absolutely beautiful! This would easily be $200.00 at a bridal boutique. It is well made. The hair comb is already attached to the veil. It can be worn in multiple ways. It has 2 long pieces. The lace around the edges is gorgeous.

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Bridal Belt

RHINESTONE BRIDAL BELT – Bridal belt adopts hand sewing technology, specially built for wedding accessories. A wedding belt for a bride’s dress can enhance elegance and brilliance.

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✅ Best Ivory Red For Wedding Cover Up Shrug

Beautiful shrug
– Stylish outfit for daily wear, also can be worn as a vintage 1920s flapper outfit for a special event such as Gatsby-themed party, prom, pageant, ascot race, wedding party, cosplay costume, fancy dress party, etc.

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Dress

Definitely worth the money! – The dress is made very well, the fabric is nice and thick and the design is done so well. Highly recommended purchasing for sure. Great for homecoming, prom, wedding or parties, cocktail and other special occasions.

Ivory And Burgundy Suit

When it comes to wedding attire, most people think of white. But what about the other colors? Burgundy and ivory are two colors that can be perfect for a wedding. The color combination is not only elegant for the dress of bride but also gives an impressive charming look to the groom through the ivory and burgundy suit.

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✅ Best Men Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Tuxedo Suit

Beautiful jacket for the price! – It is a little large on the side. It would be perfect if Amazon had a sizing app to do the tailor cuts on the sides and shoulders. This was great at a very affordable price. Perfect jacket Fit as expected. Amazing quality for the price.

Ivory And Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

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✅ Best Ivory Red Long Print Kimono Robe For Bridesmaid

Beautiful long and classy. – It’s very nice and well done. Feel free for the price but seeing the reviews of other cheaper options convinced by this, plus that in the image looked more stylized and if… This is very well made, makes a beautiful figure, covers enough without having excess fabric, the material is very soft and the colors are exactly as shown in the photo.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Flowers

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Shoes

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✅ Best The Best Ivory & Burgundy Comfortable Shoes

Simple black flats – These are comfortable AND inexpensive! The only downside is that these would cut the back of ankles due to that section being cardboard but that’s fixable with chapstick.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Heels 

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Bridal Heel

Gorgeous, perfect height! – These shoes are beautiful for the price. The appliqués are not real rhinestones, but you cannot tell unless you are holding the shoe up very close to your eyes. The craftsmanship is perfect and the company is very generous in providing extra heel tips as well as padding for the shoes. Well-made and perfect for the occasion.

Burgundy And Ivory Wedding Bouquet

If you are having an ivory wedding dress, avoid anything else that is “whiter” than your dress in your wedding setup, or you risk making your ivory gown appear dirty. Remember this number 1 rule for your bouquet, backdrop and wedding decoration decisions.

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Bouquet

Perfect for a bride! – The bouquet is beautiful! Very good quality too! This Bridal Bouquet is made up of superior silk roses in burgundy, white, and blush pink, decorated with small pink rosebuds, full of vibrance and elegance, perfect for garden or backyard wedding on blooming spring days

Ivory And Burgundy Bridal Party

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✅ Best Women’s Satin Kimono Robe For Bridesmaid

Soft and smooth and comes with a sash – Robe was pink with gold lettering. The lettering had a great sparkle and satin was extra nice!  This company provides outside sash. Beware because most companies will show rove with a sash but it doesn’t come with a sash.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Backdrop

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✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Flowers Arch

Pretty wedding decor arrangements! – LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It was perfect for your wedding ceremony! Easy to install on an arch, and love the zip ties so didn’t damage the arch. Highly recommend!!

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✅ Best Burgundy Ivory Balloon Garland For Wedding Decoration

Great for the value – Very happy! Nice vibrant colors with a shiny finish! Easy to assemble. The kit brings everything, everything, everything. High quality, beautiful colors. You just need time and patience.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Hair Accessories

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✅ Best Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

GREAT product!!!! – Absolutely love this color!! It smells so good, the color payoff is excellent, very easy to put on, and lasts a long time. Definitely will be repurchasing!

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Party

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Balloons And Party Decor

Great Buy! – Loved these balloons! They were very true to color and made for a gorgeous balloon garland! Would definitely buy it again… the ivory was a nice creamy color, pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend!!

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Makeup

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✅ Best Burgundy Lip Makeup

Soft Matte Lip Cream – Creamy soft-matte coverage that never feels dry, in matte nudes and red lipstick shades inspired by world cities; Slide on a Soft Matte Lip Cream and instantly transport yourself.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Decorations

As a wedding color, ivory is also often used with closely similar colors like beige and gold. It can also be used as an accent to burgundy for a stronger palette.

Ivory can be matched with a wide range of burgundy tints and tones as it’s a soft and neutral cream color. You can match it with dark, earthy hues. You can also match it with strong reddish jewel color like ruby, so long as they’re not too dominant.

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✅ Best Ivory Cute Velvet Ring Box Classical Ring Bearer

Beautiful and feels amazing – The material of the box is felt and can be easily cleaned with a sticky lint roller if need be necessary. Also, there are two tabs (one on the top left and right) of the bottom of the base inside the box. They are to hold the jewelry in place and work perfectly. Directly under the tab is a small cut out to place the chain as a secondary security measure, which also serves its purpose extremely well.

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Wedding Carpet Runner

It’s worth the money. – It was a little windy on the wedding day and surprisingly the aisle didn’t blow away!! It stayed right in the center. It looked very beautiful as well!!

Want to save money? Buy these ivory and burgundy wedding table decorations from amazon:

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Jewellery For Bride

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✅ Best Ivory Burgundy Jewellery For Bride

Delicate & pretty for brides– As always Ever Faith delivers a beautiful necklace and earring set. It is delicate enough to wear for daytime casual and elegant for formal nighttime attire too. And love their packaging. They take the time to individually wrap the necklace and earrings and provide a nice box and velvet jewelry bag.

Ivory And Burgundy For Flower Girls, Boys & Toddlers

Ivory and burgundy flower girl dress come in a variety of styles & colors including lace, tulle, white, cream & pastels. And they are very very cute

Ivory And Burgundy For Pets On Wedding

As a neutral shade, you can easily pair ivory color with burgundy color for a classy look for girls, boys and even pets for any season.

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✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Pet Bow Collar

Looks great, so far so good – This has to be one of your favorite collars. It comes package in a velvet bag. The collar seems well made after a few days of use. It has a metal buckle with a cute charm on it. Love the attention to detail. The bowtie is a perfect size not too flimsy. You can remove the bowtie and wear the collar by itself. Overall this is a nice collar a great way to dress up your pup without breaking the bank.

Ivory And Burgundy Nails

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✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Nails

Affordable and quality product – Very easy to use. Looks good with two coats. need to practice getting it smoother looking but this will save me a lot of money. This set only comes with the colors does not include the base, activator, top coat or any nail tools.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Guest Dress

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✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Guest Dress

The fabric is of good quality and the price seems excellent – The dress is beautiful!!! It was perfect for you, the fabric is beautiful and very comfortable. The size is perfect and fits very nicely.

Ivory And Burgundy Shirt For Groomsmen

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✅ Best Men’s Long Sleeves Dress Shirts

For the price, this is a beautiful shirt. – This PJ Dress shirt arrived quickly ( a day earlier than expected). Wow! The dress shirt is true to its size (got 4XL), materials so soft, well made and extremely COMFORTABLE! Seller, Jack Smith is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for their dress shirts. This one is TRULY RECOMMENDED!!! Thanks so much for the great service!

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Suits

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✅ Best Men’s 3 Pieces Jacquard Wedding Suit

Great buy! – This is absolutely amazing not only is the quality top-notch if you pay a little extra table tailor it to your exact measurements… Totally worth the price and shipping with Speedy…

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Invitation

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✅ Best Ivory Wedding Invitations Cards

Good price and good quality – The delicate laser-cut lace pattern looks beautiful. Easily fits standard invitation cards (such as from VistaPrint, etc– just check the size of your invitation. Looked gorgeous with gold foil detail invitations). The lace part of the pocket is delicate, and one was bent slightly (not badly) upon arrival.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Cakes

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✅ Best Burgundy Ivory Ribbon Cake Knife

Great product – Excellent quality and very beautiful in person! Perfect size too! Beautiful Burgundy Satin Bow Ivory Ribbon Cake Knife and Server Set for Wedding or Birthday.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces

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✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces

Pretty flowers 🌺 – love these! the quality is really good and the flowers are really beautiful! highly recommend it if you want to use these for crafting or decorations! the flowers feel soft and firm, almost like a real rose 😀 they also came with leaves!

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Nails

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Nails

Perfect Nails – Easy to apply and hold with nail sticker, easy to trim and file them in any length and shape you like(with a mini file & a sheet nail sticker)As well as great for various occasions, like wedding, party or weekend dating.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Motif

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Hat

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Table Decorations

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Artificial Flowers For DIY Wedding Decoration

Variety of Uses – Perfect for your DIY projects, such as table centerpieces, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, wreaths, aisle, arch, or any other flower decoration at your wedding, party, bridal shower or home decorations.

Ivory And Burgundy Wedding Reception

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✅ Best Wedding Aisle Decorations 

Perfect for weddings. – Used these as my aisle decor for the wedding and it was simple and beautiful. loved the simple elegance and the best part is they get saved and can be reused for another occasion.

What colors go well with ivory themed wedding?

Ivory is a very versatile color and can be paired with many different colors. Shades of burgundy colors such as wine and red colors would be great to pair with ivory for a classic wedding theme. Other colors that would be great for a wedding-themed around ivory are champaign, rose gold, gold, navy blue, royal blue, slate blue, light purple, and baby pink.

Does burgundy go with ivory for a wedding?

Burgundy and ivory are two colors that are often paired together for weddings. This is because they are both colors that are traditionally associated with weddings and seen as classy and elegant. However, it is important to plan the other elements of the wedding party and decor to make sure you have a cohesive look with a burgundy and ivory color scheme. Burgundy makeup look is also the best to match with an ivory dress.

What colors go with ivory and burgundy color scheme wedding?

Ivory and burgundy are two colors that go well together for a wedding. They are both calming colors, and they can be used to create a sophisticated look. Other colors that can be used to complement the ivory and burgundy color scheme for summer or spring weddings include light green, pale pink, rose gold and cream. For winter and fall weddings, you can try subtle color palettes such as navy, cream and champaign.

Recap of the shopping checklist for an affordable ivory & burgundy wedding:

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