47+ Navy And Burgundy Color Palette Wedding Ideas

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The Burgundy and the navy blue color palette aren’t going away anytime soon. Pick up any magazine or look on just about any social media site, you will see burgundy-themed weddings and fashion everywhere, especially for fall and winter.

Just add some details in gold or rose gold color, that is how to create the best wedding backdrop for memorable photos.

Here are some of my favorite designs in this go-to color combo:

If you’re feeling stuck when choosing a wedding color palette, look to your wedding season for a bit of inspiration. Dark tones tend to work better for cold weather surrounding as they merge well with the red and orange shades of autumn at the same time create a nice contrast with the white snow of winter.

  • Navy blue as a color conveys importance, confidence, power, authority, intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism.
  • Burgundy color means fearless love, sophistication, confidence, empowerment, attraction.

Both of these colors are perfect for a beautiful wedding setup.

Don’t choose color schemes simply because they’re in style. Trends come and go, as evidenced by your mom’s 80s-style, puffy-sleeved wedding dress, so pick wedding colors you personally love, not ones you saw on Pinterest or feel like you have to use.

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✅ Best Luxury Jewelry Proposal Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquet

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! – The entire bouquet is Burgundy wine red and navy blue roses, with golden jewelry decoration, very suitable for old-fashioned weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, noble and gorgeous, the jewelry is very shining under the light.

These navy blue and burgundy wedding dresses look eclectic cool at their finest. This color scheme works particularly well for woodsy weddings, garden parties, or any outdoor reception.

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✅ Best Burgundy Floral Navy Wood Backdrop For Bridal Wedding

The lights looked real! – Put this backdrop in front of a window with blinds behind the curtains and if truly looks like real lights! It was perfect for your setup and durable for bride to be to use at the wedding too!

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✅ Best Flower Crown Wedding Girl Hair Piece Headband

Beautiful! – These are beautiful and perfect cant wait to wear it for wedding! ordered this navy and gold ones for bridesmaids and they are all just so perfect and beautiful!

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✅ Best Navy Blue Jewelry For Bride

Special Occasion Accessories – These wedding jewelry sets are Stunning and Elegant, Suitable for Wedding-Engagement-Party-Ball-Prom-Pageant-Cocktail-Date Night.

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✅ Best Wedding Artificial Flowers Boutonniere

Very well made. Look real – Very well made boutonnieres, look very real. Have a safety clip on the back which makes it easy to attach. Bought these for upcoming weddings.

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✅ Best Royal Blue Wedding Shoes For Bride

Wedding shoes -comfortable and classy – Wore these for wedding, which was in a vineyard and on gravel. Shockingly comfortable! So pretty and absolutely perfect! Great heel height, ankles didn’t roll out of them, but still high enough to have the sexy appeal. Comes with a heel and ball pads for the foot! Was such a great deal for the price.

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✅ Best Navy Blue Wedding Heels 

Super cute strapping shoe. – These shoes…so cute! ordered another pair from another site but heel was chunkier and too big. If you like the thinner heel, and the straps on this pair was super fun! Super cute, lots of compliments and will work for casual or more formal. Height is perfect too. Lots of colors make it easy to wear with a variety of colors.

Wedding Makeup For Navy Blue Dress

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✅ Best Navy Blue Wedding Makeup

Very happy with this product! – The colorful eyeshadow palette with three types of shades, which include 6 matte, 6 shimmer and 3 glitter. The completely meet all the essential need of the natural daily eye makeup look or a drama bold look.Velvet and smooth powder is easy to layer and blend, no irritating and long lasting. Great for all skin tones.

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✅ Best Blue Vintage Wedding Centerpiece

Great value, very beautiful abd realistic looking!! – The artificial flowers are made of high quality fabric material by excellent technique, which makes the fake flowers looks very real. The artificial flowers and leaves of the bouquet shows nature color neither rigid nor dull, which makes them more lifelike. They wont fading for a long time.

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✅ Best Navy Blue Wedding Guest Dress

Gorgeous Dress! – It fits beautifully and the fabric is stretchy and extremely comfortable. It’s laser cut fabric and that’s how its done guess. The dress it’self is gorgeous and very flattering to the figure. The length is perfect also…just below the knee. It cannot be hemmed so make sure your length is OK. The neckline is fabulous too because the fabric folds in a way that you can choose a low neckline or a more covered and demure look.

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✅ Best Navy Blue Wedding Dress

Beautiful material and details – Absolutely stunning – size is perfect other than chest – will require alternations as the cleavage area is way too revealing otherwise…

The best part of having a navy blue and burgundy wedding is that these colors work very well on any color skin, age, body size and gender. You probably will not hear any complaint from the groomsmen & bridesmaids with this color scheme.

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✅ Best 3 Pieces Casual Wear Slim Fit Suit for Men

Perfect for themed wedding – This 3 pcs suit set is suitable for various occasions, such as prom party, weddings , business meetings, cosplay party, homecoming party, grand holidays or daily wear. You can also purchase several color suits, and mix match color to wear.

Average men do not have navy blue items in their wardrobes for everyday casual wear. Navy wedding suit makes him look unusual on the important date. The most popular dressing style for groomsmen is a navy suit with a burgundy shirt and/or burgundy shoes, but you can also try a navy shirt with burgundy pants.

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✅ Best Blue And Burgundy Color Nails

long-lasting – 6 Classic Colors gel nail polish set, made of polyester, non-toxic, safe for nails and skin.You can make different colors combinations and create more imaginative nail art decoration. DIY your own nail art style to be the special one.

Nail polish is a powerful style weapon because it can make or break an outfit. Check out these gorgeous navy blue and burgundy wedding manicure designs to look amazing on the important date.

Navy blue flowers are less common and can be expensive. The commonly used blue natural flowers include dandelion, clematis, bluestar, bellflower, balloon flower, aster, morning glories, blue hibiscus flower, impatiens flower, gentian, forget me not, bachelor button flower, blue fringed daisy, bue calla lilies, blue orchids, blue carnation, columbine, and brunnea. If you want to save some money and time, a wise decision is always to go for silk artificial floral arrangements on the big day.

Burgundy flowers are more common, you can try dark red roses, burgundy carnation flower, scabiosa flower, chocolate Queen Anne’s lace flower, ranunculus flower, amaranthus flower, burgundy astrantia flower, hypericum berries, anemone flower, cremone mum flower, safari sunset, burgundy peony, snapdragon, burgundy gerrondo gerbera daisy, autumn bronze cushion flower and burgundy standard cymbidium orchid flower.

If you are looking for a more uncommon design you can always go spend hours on Etsy for the best handmade idea.

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✅ Best Wedding Arch Flowers Rustic Artificial Floral Swag For Lintel

Gorgeous vibrant arrangements – The flower swag was PERFECT!!! added a few flowers to bring in the burgundy accent plus some additional greenery to extend the swag to compensate for the additional distance & length of the gazebo columns.

Let’s face it: You will probably get asked a billion different times what your wedding cake looks like. (It happens to all brides).

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✅ Best Blue Balloon Garland Arch Cake Toppers

Fantastic cake topper – Balloons cake toppers are perfect for decorating many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, desserts. It’s suitable for all ages, especially for children.

You should commit to a maximum of three key wedding colors (maybe plus one metallic) to ensure everything looks cohesive. Choosing too many hues will make the overall wedding vibe looks disjointed. Use neutrals, such as whites, grays, and beiges for the rest of the items in your wedding ceremony to keep a consistent look.

In an effort to save you the trouble and save face on the big day, read on to become well acquainted with what to do when choosing your navy blue and burgundy wedding invitations.

It’s best to stick with a color palette that includes natural hues so your other design elements, décor and flowers don’t clash with each other, for example simple white tones will complement bright decorations of any bold statement design approach.

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✅ Best Navy Blue Hollow Rose Pocket Wedding Invitations

Great Customer service & Beautiful work – These invitations were absolutely beautiful and for the price, they were amazing and needed more they did it with no hesitation and made the process super simple.

You don’t want to minimize the significance of the occasion by playing it too safe and flat-out boring. But you also don’t want to inadvertently cast the wrong tone on your joyous celebration or create a visually jarring atmosphere for your guests.

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✅ Best Navy Blue And Burgundy Background

The lights looked real! – It is prettier than in the picture .when you take a picture of it the lights look in the actual pic as if they were lit. Very please with this purchase.

Just like in interior design, theme color is critical to setting the mood for your wedding. How you use it, where you use it, and how much of each hue you decide to use can truly make or break the style of your big day.

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✅ Best Burgundy Navy Flower Petals For Wedding Table Centerpiece

Silk Mauve mixed petals – Used them at wedding last weekend. Some on the tables for decorations at the reception and some for flower girl to toss absolutely beautiful and better than expected!

Do not be scared to try something out of the box if it fits your and your partner’s personalities. There are some crazy, yet totally amazing, patterns & decorations you can use for your wedding that will look incredible. Once you are set with the main colors, you can add these fun bold details for the best photo results.

When in doubt, opt for 50 shades of burgundy. It won’t be boring. And when the 50 shades of burgundy is placed next to 50 shades of navy blue, the end result looks incredible in pretty much every venue or setting.

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✅ Best Navy Blue And Burgundy Wedding Table Decorations

Burgundy is very dark. Very nice flower and bendable ! – These foam and silk flower are handmade please understand that the size may vary slightly and there might be slightly color difference between different dye lots.

Keep color in mind when selecting a venue, and please don’t try to cover or hide any colorful elements you don’t like, as it will probably be noticeable.

Keep time and the natural lighting situation in mind as well, and always try to make adjustments to the vibe with artificial lighting and candles. Colors will look very different under different lighting conditions.

Burgundy and navy blue are some of the most popular wedding colors. The berry-hued, wine-inspired tone is a perfect addition to any fall or winter color palette. Let the sophistication vibe starts from the reception.

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✅ Best 2 Panels Chiffon Fabric Drapery Wedding Arch

Versatile Use – Wrap these drapes anyway around the stand system. They will surprise you! All edges are finished with nice stitching. They are Burgundy & Navy Blue color. Best choice for Burgundy & Navy Blue theme party.

What colors go well with a navy-themed wedding?

If you’re looking for a bold and beautiful hue, burgundy is a great option. This deep, dark color is perfect for weddings that want to stand out, and it goes well with shades of blue. Other pretty complementary colors for a navy wedding include maroon, champagne, burnt orange, gold, orange, blush pink, cabernet, wine color, royal blue, gray and red.

Do burgundy and navy blue go together for a wedding?

Navy blue and burgundy wedding colors are a classic combination that can be seen in many weddings. They are complementary colors, which means that they work well together and can create a beautiful, cohesive look. These colors can be used for a variety of different wedding themes, such as a coastal wedding or a country wedding. They are also versatile enough to be used in any type of wedding ceremony or reception.

What colors go with navy and burgundy color scheme weddings?

When it comes to wedding colors, it can be tough to decide which one will best suit your personality and style. 

Navy blue, gold & burgundy has to be one of the best wedding color combinations. Gold details give a highlight to the darker color theme of navy blue and burgundy. The whole wedding is going to look more luxurious and classy with additional golden shades.

While a navy blue, burgundy and gold wedding is more for autumn and winter, a navy blue, burgundy and rose gold wedding will be perfect for spring and summer. The color combination is softer, warmer and more feminine.

Other colors that go well with a navy and burgundy wedding include mauve, champaign, ivory, silver, green and orange. You will need to make the decision based on the theme of the wedding. For example, a rustic burgundy and navy wedding will look the best while decorated with some sunflowers and an additional touch of orange, brown or mustard yellow colors. A luxury metallic wedding style will need some accessories in silver, gold, rose gold and champaign colors.

What color belt goes well with navy pants?

A belt that goes well with navy blue trousers is a brown belt. It is also a good idea to plan your belt around your shoes. So if you are wearing black shoes with navy pants, you would wear a black belt.

Looking for affordable last-minute pretty navy and burgundy wedding ideas? Try to save money with the next-day delivery of Amazon prime. Here is a recap of what you will need for your wedding:

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