5.11 Tactical Gloves Review – 2022 2022

In this article, we are going to look at one of the best brands around for tactical gloves. While I find they are hit and miss on some of their products they do a great job with their tactical wear in this area.

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Why You Should Get Tactical Gloves

These gloves have some unique features on them, and as the name suggests, they tend to have a hardened portion going around the knuckle region, which offers an additional layer of protection for the person that is wearing the gear.

What are the Gloves Used for?

Actually, tactical gloves have many uses and are worm by different types of people. Military personnel can wear them, but so can airsoft players. Mainly, they are used due to the fact that they can help protect the knuckles as well as offering a better grip. Some of the gloves may be made using a carbon fiber plate going along the knuckle area, which will help prevent bone breakages if your knuckles were to ever get hit by something that was hard. With this type of design, you can count on your hand being protected and when shooting with a gun, you will have that precise grip that you need. Also, believe it or not, some of the tactical ones actually offer touch screen functionalities!

What are the Best Hard Knuckle Gloves?

In order to find the best knuckle gloves currently on the market, it is going to take a whole lot of time to research each and every one. This is because there are hundreds of tactical gloves out there that you can choose from. Sure, you could always go out and buy the first pair of tactical gloves you come across, but I believe you should first do your research and read a review on each one that you’re considering before you make the purchase. Otherwise, if you buy a pair without at least reading one review on it, you could end up regretting your decision.

For those of you that are looking for the best of the best, I have some that I have thoroughly researched and believe they are worth talking about because the product(s) really does stand out from the crowd. So today, I’m going to give you a helping hand and introduce you to what I feel are considered the best.

Why Choose This Brand?

This is tactical gear that is built with your environment in mind. This company is well known for designing products for professionals in various fields, including the military. They are fully focused on creating products that offer the ultimate protection, dexterity, and flexibility that can hold up in the most demanding missions.

High Abrasion Tac Glove Men’s Military Full Finger High Abrasion Tactical Gloves

When you’re working in the field of law enforcement, in the military, or simply out hunting, you want a good pair of gloves that you can rely on. Sure, you could always settle for something less than the best, but in this life, that’s not a good way to go, especially when you can find a good pair at an affordable price. After a lot of thorough research, I discovered the High Abrasion Tac Gloves and from what I have read about them, I believe they are worth telling my readers about. I could always tell you to go out there and buy this gear, but I don’t feel that is fair – I believe in giving my readers all of the details they need so that in the end they will be able to make an educated choice.

Looking at the palms of these tactical gloves, you’ll soon discover that they are made of high abrasion synthetic suede, making them so that the individual wearing them will be able to take on nearly any brunt task. On the key fingers, there are ring-cut microfiber strips, which I personally like because I feel that’s where we need it the most. On the index finger as well as the thumb, you’ll notice that there are added notched gussets, which make it so that you can easily move.


  • Webbing pull/tab hangar loop
  • High abrasion 10W synthetic suede palm
  • Internal padded knuckle
  • Microfiber protection

Provides Extra Grip – When you wear a pair of gloves, you want that nice extra grip, especially if you’re in law enforcement or out hunting (that extra grip can make a big difference). With this particular pair of gloves, there are microfiber strips, making it so that you have that nice extra grip that you want out of a pair of shooting gloves.

Gear Offers Flexibility – Along with a nice extra grip on your weapon, you’ll also want to have some flexibility. In my opinion, if you have gloves that aren’t flexible, then you don’t have a good product. These gloves have been designed to provide just the right type of flexibility you need.

Webbing Pull Tab – Making for easy access for those people that don’t like hassling with stuff and need to get the gloves on quickly, there’s a handy webbing pull tab on the gloves.

Gear that is Built with Toughness in Mind – Looking at these gloves, it is obvious that they were built with toughness in mind. These gloves are made from high-quality material – synthetic suede polyester spandex, to be exact. They even have a handy medical-grade strap to ensure just the right fit.

Touchscreen – Gone are the days when you had to remove your gloves in order to text on your phone or look something up via the touchscreen. Thanks to the new touchscreen technology (yes, these gloves have that), you no longer have to remove the glove from your hand. I personally like the new touchscreen feature because when I’m out and about, and I need to look up something on my tablet, I don’t have to remove my gloves, so this feature definitely comes in handy, especially if you like taking technology with you.

Gear that is Great for Every Mission

This product is great for every mission. Did I mention that they’re trusted by First Responders? The company actually works with First Responders throughout the world in order to make sure they deliver a product that is suitable for them.

Regardless of the task you’re completing, whether you have a CCW permit, or it’s for plainclothes duty, this gear right here has been tested and proven to hold up. With these gloves, you will have everything you need, even protecting the knuckles. Also, these gloves have been said to be the perfect fit, according to size. For example, if you wear a Large, then a large is going to fit you, no questions asked. Would I recommend these gloves to my friends and family? Of course, I would, and that’s why I’m recommending them to you.


5.11 Tactical Station Grip Glove

When it comes to picking out gear for Army Combat Uniform (ACU), we tend to be so focused on the uniform (pants, shirts, boots, and jackets) to the point that we forget about other important products, like socks and gloves. Your hands are important for nearly every survival task out there – if they get cut, blistered, and infected, then you’re going to have a hard time doing what you need to do. Seriously, don’t underestimate the pain that something as simple as a blister can cause.

If you’re looking to add a nice pair of tactical gloves to your gear, then I highly recommend the Station Grip Gloves. Regardless of the size of your hands, you will be able to get a pair that will fit you – the sizes range from small to XX-Large.

  • Features
  • Hard in the knuckles
  • Dexterity
  • Four-way stretch back panel
  • ID tag
  • Elastic wrist closure
  • Reinforced fingers and palms

For the low price tag stamped on these, these gloves are amazing.

Grip – As I said earlier, that nice grip is important, and you’ll be pleased to know that with this pair, the grip isn’t lacking. The fingers/palm area offers an amazing grip and just the right amount of knuckle protection from sharp objects that you may encounter. If the weather is a bit on the warm side, thanks to the extra grip functionality, you won’t have to worry about the tools slipping out of your grip

Breathable Material – Flipping over to the back of the glove, you’ll discover that this area has breathable material, which makes your hands feel comfortable while you’re wearing them, and not sweaty. When using the gloves in the hot summer weather, many people reported that their hands didn’t get too hot while wearing them, and this is all because of the breathable material.

Elastic Wrist Closure – The elastic wrist closure is also something that is worth mentioning – it’s comfortable and has a nice fit.

Protection – When it comes to working with knives, saws, axes and so on, you need to make sure you protect your hand. These gloves will offer just the right amount of protection to keep you from getting blisters.

Something to Note

One thing I noticed about the gloves is I think they may be a bit small. I have hands that are fairly small, and my glove size is usually medium. However, with the Station Grip Gloves, while trying them on in the store, I found that it’s large that fits me perfectly. So, it may be worth taking your size into consideration if you’re ordering these online – I’d order a size up to make sure they fit properly.

The level of grip that these gloves offer is amazing, and don’t forget about the protection and dexterity – both are excellent. Not to mention the fact that they are also comfortable and flexible to the point that you might even forget you’re wearing any gear on your hands. I believe this pair is great for people that work in the military, police enforcement, and even those that are out hunting. If shooting is the name of your game, or using an ax or saw, then you can rest with satisfaction when you have these on your hands.

Do Hard Knuckle Gloves Hurt?

I understand that many may be concerned with this type of gloves hurting. However, as long as you choose the right type, they’re not going to hurt. In fact, they can do the opposite, and help protect your hands and fingers from getting blisters, and getting damaged by sharp objects. Not to mention the fact that the gear is great to wear while shooting because they can offer a much better grip.




If you’re on the market for a pair of tactical gloves, then you’re already on the right track. Whether you’re using them for shooting, while working, or while playing with your airsoft guns, tactical gloves will definitely come in handy. The two that I introduced to you today are highly recommended by me and I believe they would be suitable for you.

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