A wedding dress inspired by Rydia from Final Fantasy IV

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Tribe member Kouhotaru had an unusual and, well, downright nerdy vision of her perfect wedding dress…

“Being a gamer ever since I was a wee tot, I pined for every scrap of Nintendo memorbilia I could get my hands on, I even wanted to get married in Princess Peach‘s or Princess Zelda‘s dress. If I was going to go princess, by gorsh, I wanted to be a PRINCESS!

Once I started planning my wedding, Princess Peach was already out, as pink hasn’t looked good on my skin ever since I got out of middle school. Yeah, I could have gone for one of her white gowns, but eh, I wasn’t feeling that vision anymore. As for Zelda, I would have wanted armor and all of her other newer trappings, adding to the cost significantly.

Now, when I prompted the fiance on his own personal vision on what I should wear for our day, his response was something different: “I would love to see you in something green and flowing.” He had gotten hung up on the concept of seeing me in green, feeling it is the best color on me, and frankly I am inclined to agree.

With my fiance’s request in mind, I flashed on to another childhood favorite of mine — Rydia from Final Fantasy IV! She was spunky, had cool powers, and she still is my absolute favorite from the series. While her outfits aren’t exactly wedding friendly to more traditional types, I knew it could be worked into something more wedding-y.”

With the help of a cosplay fashion designer, Catherine, the owner of God Save The Queen Fashions, Kouhotaru’s dream became a an unbelievable reality…

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Photo by Victor Amarillas

Oh, but the dress actually on her! Ugh, like flowing magicness!

Part1 195
Photo by Victor Amarillas

Kouhotaru and her (now) husband got married at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I hope we get a bride profile from them soon. (Hint! Hint!)

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