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Hey APW,

I was planning to use this Happy Hour to talk about what an amazing time I had in Palm Springs at Alt Summit and The Huddle last week. I was well aware that last week was probably our last week of normalcy for awhile, and that nobody would be attending conferences with a thousand women again any time real soon. But I didn’t expect quite how drastic that comparison would seem. The main APW offices are in Oakland, CA, and our area is one of the COVID-19 hotspots in the US, where community spread is already happening. That means most people are already working from home, and it feels like we’re on the edge of something horrible, with a clearly under resourced health system and under insured population.

The good news (and why I swear by womxn-supporting-womxn community always and forever) is that I came home from last week feeling energized, powerful, and like I had a plan heading into this crisis. If you follow APW or me on Instagram (and you should) you know that we’ve been answering questions about COVID-19 weddings in our stories all week. We’ve also spent tons of time on the phone with vendors. (If you’re a vendor you can sign up for our email list where we’re sharing resources here, and if you’re any kind of small business owner, you can get on our waitlist for our incubator here.)

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Also in Advice

We know that for those of you getting married in the next few weeks, you are currently consumed with coronavirus wedding concerns. (And who wouldn’t…

All of that brings me to our LAUNCH news. For months, we’ve been planning on launching a business where we can offer 1:1 on demand wedding planning advice in the signature APW style. With the #pandemicwedding crisis officially in full swing, we decided to push up a beta launch of the business to help folks who need help navigating the difficult and fast changing landscape of weddings in Spring 2020. We’ll have much more detail early next week, but till then: if you’re planning a wedding or know someone who is, send them to Hotline Ring to drop their email, and be the first to know what’s happening and how we can help.

And with that, it’s your open thread. WHAT A WEEK. Share, commiserate, complain. We’ve gotchu.



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