BBQ Invitation Wording 2022

bbq invitation wording

You know you’re not going to throw a boring backyard BBQ so why let your BBQ invitations be boring? Here are some good BBQ invitation wording ideas to put a little spice into your invitations:

BBQ Invitation Wording

#1: Summer’s here and it’s getting hot
A BBQ will really hit the spot!

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#2: Join us in the backyard for some
Chillin’ & Grillin’
At a BBQ Celebrating
John’s Promotion

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#3: Please join us on Saturday, June 8 2015
for a

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#4: Grillin’ up a Good Time!
Join us for a Backyard BBQ

Sunday, July 20th
The Geyerson’s Backyard
223 Main Street

Please RSVP to Mandy or Peter

#5: Join us for BBQ and Beer
as we celebrate
with friends and family so dear!

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#6: It’s a Picnic on the Patio
Mary Johnston’s 43rd Birthday

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#7: Winter’s finally over –
no more chillin’;
here comes the season
for some outdoor grillin’!

You’re invited to
The Minker’s
Backyard BBQ Party

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#8: The Haverson’s
Poolside BBQ

We’ll put our meat on the grill
You put your buns in the pool!

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#9: Join us for a
Good Ol’ Time!

[Add BBQ Party Details]

#10: Come relax and chill by the grill!
We’re having a backyard bbq

​​[Add BBQ Party Details]​

#11: ​Summer’s still not over,
though Fall is drawing near
So now’s the perfect time for BBQ & beer!

Please join us

​[Add BBQ Party Details]​

#12: We’ve fired up the barbie
In hopes that you’ll appear
Hot dogs and hamburgers
​You’ll find it all here!​

​​[Add BBQ Party Details]​​​

#13: Burgers, Pickles,
Cheese, and Buns!
We’re having a cookout
and we want you to come!

​​[Add BBQ Party Details]​​​

#14: Join us for a Pigout
Lots of food and fun in the sun
You name it, we’ll have it
Please say you’ll come!

​ ​[Add BBQ Party Details]​​​

Family Reunion BBQ Invitation Wording

Our family reunion
is coming up quick
​we’re planning to have
an old fashioned picnic

There will be plenty to eat
and glasses to fill
just bring your own meat
to put on the grill!

So make your plans now
and write down the date
It’s time to get together
and celebrate!​
​​[Add BBQ Party Details]​​

Vegetarian BBQ Invitation Wording

BBQ, veggie style

There may be no MEAT, but definitely some HEAT!
Join us at our home for a
​Vegetarian Barbeque

​​[Add Vegetarian BBQ Party Details]​​

Do you have any BBQ invitation wording ideas? I would love to post them! Send them to me here or leave a comment below!

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