Before We Die: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, and more updates! 2022

PBS is back with another thriller series,” Before We Die”. It is a crime thriller drama with heart-throbbing twists and turns. It includes the story of a detective who fights her ways in a murky world where everything around her feels like a betrayal.

What is the synopsis of Before We Die?

The storyline of the series revolves around Detective Hannah Liang. She will find that her lover and fellow get murdered. She will try to find the culprit behind the evil murder. Her lover informant will go with her to find the murderer. Later in the story, she will realize that her son is Sean’s undercover informant.

Hannah will try her best to find the murderer. Also, along the way, various truths and secrets will pop up. All of it will increase the thrill among the viewers, making it more suspenseful.

Before We Die Scene

Who all are starring in the PBS latest, “Before We Die”?

PBS features some of the amazing star cast in the latest series. It has Lesley Sharp as the main protagonist. She will be playing the character of Hannah Lang. Then there is Patrick Gibson playing the role of Christian Radic. Vincent Regan will be in the role of Billy Murdoch. Kazia Pelka will be Durbravka Mimica. Issy Knopfler will be in the role of Bianca Mimica. Toni Gojanovic will be Davor Mimica. Rebeccas Scroggs will be in eh character of Tina Carter. Nisha Nayar will be Fran.

And, John O’Connor will be Marcus. Rino Sokol will be in the role of Pavle. It will also have Tijmen Govaerts. Tess Bryant will be Rachel. And, Petar Cvirn will be Stefan Vargic. And there will be others.

Is the trailer for Before We die already out?

Yes, the trailer is already out for the latest season. It highlights the detective Hannah going through all the way to find the murderer. She will fall into heart-stopping jeopardy and unpredictable happening.

You can start watching the series on PBS on 20th March 2022.

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