Burgundy Highlights On Curly Hair (23+ Dark Brown, Black, Blonde Color Hairstyles)

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Gone are those days when there is an obsession for natural hair color (Black, Blonde, Brown etc). No matter what is your age or job, coloring your hair to burgundy color is what makes you the real fashionista in 2022.

Curly Hair Highlights Lowlights

Burgundy is the mixture of brown and red with some violet tint. Burgundy hue is the lighter shade of maroon color. The color is named so due to the color of the wine that resembles with distinctive red hue. And these wines are manufactured from the vineyards of Burgundy in France. Romantic right?

Burgundy Curly Hair On White Girls

The mesmerizing duo of violet and magenta gives their best for a curly long hair. This hair color gives you a classy look that keeps you match up with the ongoing trend.

Burgundy Curly Hair On Dark Skin

No need to worry about your skin tone. this hair hue suits almost all type of skin tones people. Short hair is no doubt edgy but the burgundy toned red curly hair makes it even more trendy.

Highlights For Curly Hair Indians

This amazing high pigmented pulp red highlight enhances your style to the next level. The two colors complement each other beautifully. Give your eyes a smoky touch to maintain the boldness in the crowd.

You can also have a ponytail as it can give as you can get a bicolor style. It perfectly shows off your red hair with black roots.

Burgundy Highlights On Black Curly Hair

These modern trends are breathtaking and are a revolution in the fashion industry. This burgundy hairstyle is a treat for your eyes for sure. Try adding some red highlights to the tips to make the hairstyle even more mesmerizing.

Dark Brown Curly Hair With Red Highlights

Darker roots with lighter tips are in vogue now. Get this hair hue to be a true fashionista of your group. The sleek hair even adds more shine to the hair color. Red teased end of this hairstyle looks really fashionable and fantastic.

The hairstyle suits a girl with any skin tone. Go for it!

Burgundy Highlights On Brown Hair

The burgundy highlights give you an instant lift to your personality. The cherry, violet, and burgundy tones make a perfect combination for sure with brown hair. Your vibe look elegant and playful in this hair hue.

Short Burgundy Curly Hair

A short burgundy curly haircut boosts your style to the next level. This dramatic hairstyle will shower you with compliments for sure. Just give a try.

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Burgundy Highlights On Curly Hair (23+ Dark Brown, Black, Blonde Color Hairstyles)
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