Burgundy Wedding Flowers Arrangement Guide (9+ Best Ideas For 2022)

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When it comes to choosing wedding flowers for your burgundy-themed wedding, many brides may know the wedding flower they want in their own bouquet, but may not know what other flowers are needed to fill out the ceremony and reception.

You can leave all the flower selections for your wedding in the hands of a professional florist, and they will do a great job. However, you may want to take a more hands-on approach. This burgundy wedding flower guide will help make planning your wedding easier.

Burgundy wedding flowers are a beautiful deep red color that will look lovely with other shades of red and pink. They are versatile and classy, making them perfect for any wedding theme. Here are a few popular burgundy flowers to choose from for your wedding bouquet and flower arrangement:

  • Burgundy Carnations: Carnations add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a bouquet with their ruffled, rose-like look.
  • Burgundy Dahlias: Dahlias with their moody fall hues and full blooms of tiny petals are beautiful in burgundy. Incorporating wine-colored dahlias into your arrangements is sure to give them that chic look you crave.
  • Wine-Colored Peonies: These beautiful flowers will add sweetness to your event. Peonies are the perfect choice for elegance and class.
  • Burgundy Amaranthus: Amaranth sprays are the perfect filler flowers for your burgundy wedding arrangements. They add texture and visual interest to multi-bloom bouquets.
  • Ranunculus Burgundy/Purple Variant: Bold and beautiful, ranunculus is often used in dark wedding color palettes.
  • Burgundy and Violet Anemones: Burgundy anemone flowers can add a unique touch to your arrangements and offer a special something that other blooms may not be able to provide. With their bold, dark centers, bent heads, and graceful daisy-like blooms, these flowers can complement any other blooms you choose.

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What would wedding flowers for the church include?

  • Altar wedding flower arrangements
  • Pew markers/decorations

What would wedding flowers for the reception include?

  • Wedding flower arrangement for the bridal table.
  • Table centerpieces
  • Buffet table decorations

What would wedding flowers for the bridal party include?

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Small Bridal bouquet to toss
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • Maid/Matron of Honor bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Best Man boutonniere
  • Groomsman boutonnieres
  • Flower Girl bouquet or petal basket
  • Mother of the Bride/Groom corsages
  • Father of the Bride/Groom boutonnieres
  • Step-parent corsages/boutonnieres
  • Grandparent corsages/boutonnieres

What are some basic wedding flower arranging rules?

If you want to make your own floral arrangements, it’s important to get some advice or professional help. Looking at pictures in bridal and floral magazines is a good start, but the arrangements in those magazines are often done on a shoestring budget. You’ll need to be careful not to spend your entire budget on flowers.

Below is a list of basic wedding floral arrangement rules to follow:

  • Maid/Matron of Honor wedding bouquets should be more elaborate or in a different color shade than the rest of the bridesmaid wedding bouquets.
  • The Best Man’s boutonniere should be more elaborate than the other groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
  • The corsages/boutonnieres for the parents should be different from the step-parents, and all grandparent corsages/boutonnieres should be different as well. This makes it easier for guests to keep track of who’s who.
  • Church flower arrangements can be reused for the reception hall too.
  • Bridesmaid wedding bouquets can be set in waiting vases and used as decoration for the bridal table.

What are the popular color schemes for burgundy wedding flower arrangements?

You don’t have to rely on bridal magazines or wedding shows for floral arrangements. Look around and see what’s available, and talk to florists about what you need. They may have some great suggestions. Here are some great color combinations to get you started:

How do you start a plan for your wedding flower arrangement?

Your first decision should be whether you plan to use a professional florist to create a wedding flower arrangement, or if you’d rather visit a wholesale wedding flower retailer and order flowers to make your own bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and so forth.

When you are picking out your wedding flowers, you should think about what kind of mood you want to set for your wedding. You should pick flowers that reflect the “spirit” of your wedding. Flowers should be chosen to match the bride and groom’s preferences, the color of the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses, the church and reception places, and any decoration theme.

Another factor to consider is the season; most floral varieties are easily found year-round, but seasonal flowers are cheaper and easier to find. Fresh flowers are the most viable option when it comes to planning the wedding day, but a few brides prefer dried flowers or artificial ones made of silk.

How to plan wedding flowers for different seasons?

Selecting flowers appropriate for the time of year can help to save money on wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can be classified into Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Anytime categories, which can help to inform your decision when selecting flowers.

A variety of spring flowers are available to choose from, including tulips, violets, greenery, fern, pansies, peonies, ivy, daffodils, lilacs, lilies and lily of the valley, dogwoods, irises, forsythia branches, hyacinth, larkspur, sweet peas, apple or cherry blossoms.

Some popular flowers for summer weddings include daisies, roses, dahlias, zinnias, asters, iris, larkspur, Shasta, stock, calla lilies, delphinium, geraniums, hydrangeas, sunflower, sweet William, greenery, beech leaves, ferns, meadowsweet, stock, goldenrod and Jacobs ladder. Queen Anne’s Lace can also be used as a summer wedding flower.

Most wedding arrangements during the fall include both flowers and foliage, but this is not necessary. The mix of these elements is always a decision of the bride, who can choose from a single flower theme to combined floral arrangements with or without specific foliage any time of the year.

Some popular flowers to use at weddings in the autumn season include asters, dried hydrangeas, roses, zinnias, statice, marigolds, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies. Common foliage used during this time of year includes autumn leaves, yarrow, rosemary and rosehip.

There are many types of flowers that can be used for weddings in the winter, including poinsettias, orchids, amaryllis, camellias, jasmine, and forget-me-nots. In addition, pine, ivy, fem, spruce, and rhododendron leaves can be used as accents. As a result, there is no need for dried or artificial flowers.

Apart from the flowers mentioned earlier, there are other fresh flowers available whenever brides seek them, including a variety of carnations and roses, as well as gardenias, baby’s breath, snapdragons, stephanotis, and ivy which are mainly used in wedding bouquets.

How to plan flower arrangements on wedding tables?

Flowers for your reception will be placed on the tables. You will need a variety of arrangements – one for each table and the head table – to add color and style. Keep in mind that there are no real rules for what arrangements you can have, but there are a few things to consider:

  • If you’re considering what kind of flower arrangements to put on the head table, think about what pictures will be taken there. If your arrangements are so complicated that they will be distracting in a photo, you may want to rethink your plans.
  • Consider how large floral arrangements will look in the reception hall and whether they will block your guests’ views. Think about where your guests will be sitting and what they’ll be able to see. They may have brought cameras to take pictures of the event, so you don’t want to obstruct their view.

A florist can help you out with this kind of logistic problem, especially if they’re local. Many will already have experience in any type of reception hall, so they know what they need to do.

What is trending for wedding flower arrangements?

When it comes to creating drama and realistic floral arrangements, you will want to think about the height of the arrangement. A newer trend in floral arrangements is to have tall, thin vases with a few stems of flowers in each, creating a larger bouquet at the top of the vase. This looks like a garden from the overall perspective while giving your guests the ability to talk to each other.

You may also choose to have floral arrangements that are lower to the table. Some couples like to choose a combination of floating flowers and candles to add a little warmth to a table. This also serves as a conversation piece.

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Burgundy Wedding Flowers Arrangement Guide (9+ Best Ideas For 2022)
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