Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Theme (27+ Combinations For 2022)

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When it comes to weddings, there are so many color combinations that it can be hard to decide which one to go with. Some couples opt for a traditional white wedding, while others choose a more unique color scheme. But what about orange and burgundy?

If you’re not keen on wearing an orange gown, consider using the color for your bridesmaid dresses and other accents at your wedding such as floral arrangements, jewelry, and menswear accessories when paired with burgundy.

If you’re planning a burnt orange and burgundy wedding theme, let’s take a look at how you might incorporate it into your special day.

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Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Gown

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Love it beautiful dress – The shipping was very fast! And we were able to get custom sizing so the dress fit perfectly without the need for further alterations! Beautiful and excellent quality made the wearer feel like a princess at the ball!

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Suit For Groomsmen

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Wedding Suit For Groomsmen

Perfect Suit!!! – It’s a gorgeous suit and for the price, you can’t beat it still surprised at the quality of the material for the price and the precise measurements follow the size chart accordingly and there should be no issues.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Centerpieces

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✅ Best Burnt Orange And Burgundy Centerpieces

Burnt Orange Wedding Table Centerpieces – A stunning combination of different shades of orange roses, dandelion, dahlia & lush greenery leaves. Enjoy that wonderful feeling that beautiful flowers give you on your big day.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Makeup

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Long-lasting and Waterproof — The Eye-catching Chili palette features 15 brand-new shades In DE’LANCI’s iconic formulas. These shades are packed with the highest-quality ingredients to create buttery-soft textures that blend seamlessly for vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting looks. The pressed glitter, velvety mattes, and sparkling metallic hues will elevate your senses. This product is also cruelty-free.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Backdrop

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Balloons

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Balloons Garland Arch

The quality was great for the price! – The balloons are very good quality, very thick, easy to inflate, great price, well packed. Double stuffed balloons truly give the color you desired. The double stuffed orange cream peach apricot balloon decoration includes everything to put the balloon garland together.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Nail Designs

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✅ Best Burnt Orange And Burgundy Nail Designs

Ideal Gift For Her – Beetles nail gel polish kit comes in a beautiful gift box. They are appropriate for any holiday or special event, such as birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day gift. No more struggle to decide which colors should select. Glam and glitter nail designs can be freely finished with these vibrant colors.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Shoes

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Cake

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Delicate Monarch Butterfly cupcake decorations were amazing! – These edible cupcake decorations looked so lifelike! You can gently bend them to look like they are in flight when placing them on the icing. They were well packaged and easy to handle. None of them stuck together. The assortment included tiny ones and a few slightly larger ones for a very lifelike display. The party occurred during the peak of the Monarch migration through our town, so it was very special. The guests were fascinated.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Flowers

When it comes to your wedding, the flower selections and arrangements you choose should reflect your personal taste and style. You can keep things simple or get as elaborate as you like, as long as your wedding flowers help you create the perfect romantic wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Artificial Flowers

Each box set packs a variety of flowers – With the flexible wire stems, the flowers and greeneries are perfect for you to create your bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths decorations, archway, or any other floral arrangements that you want on any special occasion.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Table Decoration

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Table Runner

Soft and smooth – The edges are carefully stitched to keep a perfect condition. The producing process conducts crimping techniques to add retro, rustic and aesthetic beauty. Just perfect for bridal showers, weddings Ceremonies.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Reception

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✅ Best Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Reception Decorations

Bang for your buck! Very pretty in person – Flowers were beautiful and looked perfect for our micro wedding. Used the wedding arch along with twinkle lights which provided the perfect look. All were of great quality, price, and beautiful. Highly recommend.

Burnt Orange Bridal Party Gifts

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Cardholder Box

Very thin cardboard – served its purpose – The box itself served its purpose however it’s very thin and collapses easily. Even with some weight with the cards inside it wanted to collapse.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Invitation

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✅ Best Burgundy Wedding Invitation Cards

Great Communication & Lovely Cards !! – Only one wedding in a lifetime. Hollow heart shape symbolizes love, high-quality laser cutting technology, pearlized pocket brings high-quality experience, for the inner sheets, clear writing and neat layout, let this wedding invitations kit makes your wedding perfect.

Rich, sophisticated, and inspired by autumn, navy, burnt orange and burgundy is the perfect color palette to set a dramatic and inviting mood for your fall and winter wedding.

Combining deep maroon, summery orange, and vibrant navy, this theme strikes the perfect balance for couples who want to have a unique wedding memory.

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✅ Best Extra Large Wedding Easel Board Party Sign

Beautiful Personalized Sign – Beautiful personalized sign used at wedding entrance!!! Delivered on time in perfect condition. The colors in the sign are vivid & attractive. The sign adds a cheerful way to greet wedding guests.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Hairstyles

Looking for an even more bold idea to stand out at the wedding party? Try getting a burnt orange to burgundy hairstyle for the bride and the groom.

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✅ Best Full Lace Wigs Orange Red Color Human Hair

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Burgundy And Burnt Orange Bridal Bouquet

If you’re planning an Autumn wedding, check out these fall bridal bouquet wedding color palettes to inspire you! These orange to burgundy fall-inspired hues will help you set a warm, cozy mood for the party.

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✅ Best Burnt Orange Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful and practical – This will be the perfect bouquet for a fall wedding! The only thing, The orange ribbon on the handle part is brighter orange than the burnt orange roses. That will be modified. Other than that, it is perfect!

Burgundy And Orange Wedding Decorations

Rich and sophisticated, these warm wedding colors of burgundy and orange will give your fall & early spring cool wedding a cozy atmosphere.

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✅ Best Artificial Burnt Orange Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

Absolutely gorgeous!! – Hella cute!! But had a simple arch so everything fitted nicely but if you have a large arch recommend buying two sheers.

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✅ Best Flowers with Tails for Wedding Ceremony Chair Decorations

Elegant, realistic-looking, low-cost decor! – These were so beautiful straight from the box. There are straggling pieces of threading that will need to be cut but it honestly looks fine on its own. The colors surprisingly matched the real flowers my florist provided so everyone thought it was actually part of the package; just couldn’t justify the outrageous price of real chair clusters so these were the perfect substitution. Honestly, everyone thought it was so adorable. Really impressed with the quality of the flowers! It’s so realistic, even straight from the box.

What colors go with burnt orange for a wedding?

Burnt orange is a great color to use for a wedding because it is complementary to many other colors. It is a versatile color to choose from. You can easily design 2 colors or 3 colors palettes for your wedding with burnt orange color. For fall and winter, it can be paired with burgundy, teal, brown, cream, plum, mustard yellow and navy blue. For summer and summer, it goes well with pink, rose gold, white, green, light blue, royal blue, purple and yellow.

Do orange and burgundy go together?

Burgundy is a warm purplish-red color that represents class, mystery, and elegance. It looks absolutely charming when paired with burnt orange color as both colors are vibrant and confident on their own, but when they combine, they create this vibe of passion and confidence that is hard to ignore.

In fact, they make a really beautiful combination. Whether you choose to have a traditional orange wedding dress or go for something more subtle like a burgundy dress, the two colors will look great together.

What color jewelry goes with a burnt orange wedding dress?

When it comes to color coordination for a wedding, burnt orange is a great option. This color is complementary to a variety of colors, including gold, silver, rose gold, ivory and black. When choosing jewelry for a burnt orange wedding, consider choosing pieces in these colors as well.

What colors go with burnt gold and burgundy for a wedding?

Burnt orange and burgundy color combo looks pretty for several popular themes such as rusty, boho. If you are looking for a three-color palette for your orange and red wine wedding color scheme, here are some popular color schemes for you to copy:

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