Cake toppers that won’t make you cringe

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I have a tingly spot for adorable and creative cake toppers. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite cake toppers because they’re WAY too cute not to collectively gush over…

[Click on the photos to get more info on any of these cake toppers!]

I love these guys! They aren’t even close to cake toppers — this is an aquarium decoration. These guys have an air tube connector to turn them into a bubbling aquarium feature. So, you could use them as a cake topper and then use then again to keep your fishies happy.

These handmade vintage-style owls are just the sweetest little things.

You so rarely see such a gloriously dark cake topper. This is perfect for a goth wedding or a Halloween wedding. It’s so pretty and eerie at the same time, I love this one.

Where are my biker couples? I can tell you where they are… grabbing their wallets to jump on this bad-ass cake topper. Oh, and you know what kills me… the little license plate that says “just married.”

This collectible skeleton figurine is absolutely perfect for a Dia de los Muertos wedding, or for any couple who really wants to push that “Til Death” idea! And — this is either going to freak you out or make you happy — they’re totally tongue kissing, and it’s rad.

Any Mr & Mrs Smith fans out there? Or perhaps, bride and groom police officers? FBI? Gun nuts? This cake topper is bad ass and HAWT.

This is probably my favorite find of ALL TIME — it’s zombies, it’s comics, it’s weddings, it’s all those combined, which means AWESOME!

These two dragons are nuzzling, their tails entwined, to form a heart! Aw. Perfect for a medieval wedding, or a geeky wedding, or any wedding because it’s freaking awesome!

I love that this cake topper couple looks like they’re posing for a funky offbeat wedding booth photo! Sweet!

We’ve seen quite a few Tim Burton-inspired weddings, so I just had to throw in a Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper.

Who doesn’t love a little harmless sexual harassment with their wedding cake. 😉

Of course, if you’re not afraid to amp up the sexy on your wedding cake, this one is all sexy/huggy romantic and whatnot.

It’s been years since I wrote the post about salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers, but I am STILL crazy about these guys. My mom bought me those flamingos — I just LOVE ’em.

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