Can You Wear Wedding Dresses with Long Trains for a Beach Wedding?

No one will deny that it’s extremely romantic and exotic to have a beach wedding. And, of course, a beach wedding ceremony looks very beautiful even if it features a minimal set of decorations. The secret is that a beautiful venue is the key thing in preparation for a beach wedding.

Of course, there are many beautiful places in the world, where you can exchange vows with your beloved person. You may travel to an exotic country like Maldives or Bali and have an incredible ceremony with the local color. Or, you may have a romantic ceremony somewhere in America, for instance at Henderson Park Inn in Florida, which will provide you not only with a beautiful location for a wedding, but will also help to accommodate your guests.

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No matter what venue you choose, you need to take into account a great number of things. Thus, you need to think over how to accommodate your guests, what food and drinks to choose, how many decorations to place etc. Moreover, you need to take into account the season and local weather as they influence the choice of wedding outfits for you and your wedding guests.

But what is the best variant of a wedding gown for a beach ceremony? Basically, there is no strict dress code when you choose a beach wedding dress. However, the majority of brides opt for simple wedding dresses or the ones, which they consider to be convenient.

Happy wedding couple on beachUsually, it’s not recommended to have a beach wedding dress, which is covered with tons of beading or feature too intricate details. Of course, the dress must be convenient. The most common silhouettes are A-line and sheath. As to the length, long dresses remain the most popular, but high-low, tea length and short wedding dresses start to gain popularity as well.

As a rule, the beach wedding gowns are made of light airy fabrics like chiffon or silk, which allow moving easily and offer good breathability. Tulle is also a widespread option. In addition, a wedding dress for a beach wedding may feature an open back or slits, which look very sexy.

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But you may wonder what to do with a train? Many modern wedding dresses have trains. Moreover, trains look great on wedding photos. However, are they suitable for a beach ceremony? In truth, a long cathedral train or a chapel one is a bad idea. It will get dirty even before you reach the isle and will make you feel uncomfortable.

Our recommendation is to have a beach wedding dress with a slight train, which is also called a sweep train. This type of train is about 6 inches longer than the rest of the dress and so, it won’t produce any inconveniences. A sweep train looks good with all the types of wedding dresses.

young couple at beach weddingSo, you see that though beach wedding dresses usually don’t look very luxurious, they can feature small trains and remain absolutely comfortable. Moreover, they will make your look more festive even if you have a simple dress.

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