Can’t have your dog at your wedding? Cardboard cutouts to the rescue!

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Photobooth with flat zoey
Photo from Julie & Tim’s garden party family and friends wedding by Fernando Gonzalez

Chances are if you’ve got a pet and you’re reading Offbeat Bride, you’d really like to have them at your wedding. But sometimes you can’t have your dog at your wedding because Fido just isn’t cool with crowds, or maybe you’ll be the one who’s stressed, or you know your cat would just be bored.

Still. You’d really like them to be a part of it all. And wouldn’t it be cool if your guests knew just how much your pets mean to you?

Julie and Tim solved that problem with “Flat Zooey.” They had a huge cardboard cutout made of their real dog (Zooey, obvs) and included the cutout as a stand-in during their ceremony. Bonus — the paper pooch made more than a few appearances as a photo booth prop! As Julie said “I had a three-foot cut-out of our dog made as a joke, since our real dog, Zoey, couldn’t be there. It would have been too stressful for me to be worrying about her the whole time. We ended up using the cut-out in the ceremony and she became a prop for the photo booth. Half of our photo booth photos have our Flat Zoey in them. It’s hysterical!”

You can totally get your own full-sized cardboard cut-out of your dog for about $50 over here. (Alternately, get a couple of these to celebrate the couple, or guests who can’t attend!)

Better yet, maybe you’ll be getting texts from your very own Flat Zooey for months after your wedding, like Julie does:

My mother loved it so much she kept the cut-out and is now taking pictures of Flat Zoey doing weird things and texting them to me daily. It’s like the wedding never ended.

Ceremony stand-in? Photo booth prop? Guestbook attendant? How would your cardboard cutout canine (or cat or chameleon) help out at your wedding?

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