How to Pull Off a Morning Wedding

When we think of weddings, we so often think of afternoon weddings followed by hors devours, or evening weddings with candle-lit receptions.  But what about the couple who feel love mornings and breakfast foods?  A morning wedding can actually still be very elegant and sweet.  While brides might have to wake earlier to do their … Read more

The Role of Women in Ancient Rome

Unforgettable women of great strength appear through Roman history and literature, from wise and faithful wives and mothers to ruthless and cunning cheaters.To understand the role of women in Ancient Rome, it is important to first consider the places they could hold in society: Was she married or unmarried? Was she a Roman citizen or … Read more

Eloping With Family – The Outlovers

BY CHAD AND VANESSA, ‘THE OUTLOVERS’: YOUR SMALL WEDDING AND ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM 03-25-2022 Many couples can feel torn when throwing around the idea of eloping: they’re excited by the prospect of sharing an incredible adventure together but, at the same time, feel sad that their closest loved ones won’t be there to share it. … Read more

An Online Irish Experience, Wherever You Are!

A Thousand Welcomes!  We Are So Glad You are Here! We built Irish Expressions for people who love Ireland, and enjoy finding creative ways to express our “Irish sides” – wherever we are in the world. “LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.  It is so informative. I will be married to an Irishman in the very … Read more

Pre Wedding Self Care

Weddings are usually such big milestones in the couple’s lives. Because of that, it’s very easy to get lost in all the necessary details and preparations. Don’t get me wrong, I get it. There’s so much to do, so much to plan and decide, and a lot of pressure comes with it since you want … Read more

Top 7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Caterers in the U.S

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best wedding caterers that make sustainability a priority. We believe food must be green. No, not physically. But it must be sustainable to support our world’s rapidly growing population. 7.9 billion people populate Earth as of 2022, and with each person eating about three meals a day, … Read more

Contemporary Wedding Processional Songs

Contemporary Wedding Processional Songs can add some extra sentiment to your walk down the aisle. Modern ballads are becoming more and more popular to use in wedding ceremonies. Artists know this and very often cater for the wedding market when penning their tunes. Therefore you have a great choice in contemporary processional songs to choose … Read more

How To Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are, like the name suggests, sweeteners that make drinks and foods sweeter but have no nutritious value. They have a strong sweet taste and are often considered high-intensity sweeteners. They’re synthetic sugar substitutes, that usually have no calories, which makes them appealing to buyers. However, labeling food as calorie-free and sugar-free is usually … Read more

How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts

A friend of mine emailed me today with a wedding planning question and I thought it would be great to feature on the blog. Have a wedding-related question? Send it my way!   Q: Hey, I have a wedding question for you. Me and my fiance are getting married this year. We’ve both been married before, and … Read more