Ceramic Coated Mugs: Finding The Best Drinkware

When we spend everyday drinking our coffee or tea, it is natural that many of us are on the lookout for the best cup, tumbler, bottle or any other drinkware to enjoy our favorite drinks.

We have done the research and we have done the experiments (by consuming a large amount of coffee).

And our verdict is: ceramic coated mugs are actually the best drinkware for drinking coffee, tea or any other beverage.

Even for people that like their ceramic travel mugs, you might want to consider a ceramic-coated mug too. What is the difference? Read on to find out.

What Is A Ceramic Coated Mug Or Drinkware?

A ceramic coated mug is basically a mug that has ceramic coating on the inside. You might be wondering how is that any different from using a normal ceramic cup. Well, the great thing about ceramic coating is that you can apply the ceramic coating on other materials such as stainless steel.

Ceramic cups are usually the most popular choice when it comes to coffee appreciation as ceramic is a neutral material that does not alter the taste of the beverage you are drinking.

But apart from that, ceramic cups have many disadvantages. They have poor heat retention, easily break or shatter and are hot to the touch when consuming a hot beverage. Over time, ceramic mugs are also often stained with the coffee or tea you have been drinking. And these tea or coffee stains are not easy to remove.

To learn more about the pros and cons of ceramic, check out our article that compares the best coffee cup material.

With ceramic coating, you can now enjoy the best thing about ceramic cups without any of the disadvantages. This is why we say the best ceramic mug in the world is stainless steel and it is the reason Stealceramics was created.

The Steelceramics Cup

Stainless Steel Mugs With Ceramic Coated Interior

Now when we mention that the best mug for drinking coffee or tea is a ceramic-coated mug, to be precise, what we are referring to is actually a double-wall insulated stainless steel mug with ceramic coating.

To us, a double-wall stainless steel mug is close to the perfect drinking cup. It is lightweight, shatterproof and has great heat retention. But it has one major flaw, stainless steel is known to alter the taste of your coffee or other beverages. This could be due to the metal taste that many people talk about or the residual smell that is trapped in crevices on the surface of stainless steel.

By applying ceramic coating to the surface of stainless steel, we completely eliminate this flaw. So with a ceramic coated stainless steel cup, we are combining the best of stainless steel and ceramic cup to create a superior hybrid cup that is perfect for enjoying your favorite coffee or tea.

The Steelceramics Ceramic Coating

Not all ceramic coatings are made equal. While some ceramic coating are known to chip quite easily, our proprietary Swiss-German Steelceramic ceramic coating comes with a higher scratch and abrasion resistance.

It is also fully non-toxic, food-safe and compliant with regulations from the U.S. FDA and the EU. What this means is that the ceramic coating contains no lead, no cadmium, no nickel, no PFOA and no PFOS.

Even better, the Steelceramics ceramic coating makes cleaning easy no matter how old your coffee or tea stains are.

Ceramic Coated Mugs Vs Ceramic Travel Mug

Ceramic travel mugs are fairly popular with people that want to drink on the move or bring their coffee to their workplace. But are ceramic travel mugs the same as ceramic coated mugs?

Depending on how you look at it, a ceramic coated mug is actually quite different from a ceramic travel mug or ceramic lined travel mug. A ceramic travel mug is usually thought of as being made mainly from ceramic. I.e. it has a ceramic body or is lined with ceramic. On the other hand, a ceramic coated mug generally has a stainless steel body with a ceramic coated interior.

The Best Ceramic Travel Mug

Many people are interested in buying a ceramic travel mug because it is supposed to keep your drinks hot. And of course, ceramic does not change the taste of your coffee or tea.

But in order to provide insulation and heat retention, a normal ceramic travel mug would need to have a double-wall construction. This makes ceramic travel mugs very heavy. Plus they are fragile which means some sort of protection is needed to protect the ceramic making them bulky and heavier. Not so portable for a travel mug ain’t it.

This is where a ceramic-coated travel mug is superior. The Steelceramics cup is a travel mug that comes in a stainless steel body with ceramic-coated interior. This makes it lightweight, shatterproof and mostly importantly, it does not alter the taste of your coffee and favorite beverages.

So Is The Best Drinkware A Ceramic-Coated Mug?

To be honest, the best mug or any drinkware depends on you and the situation. A glass cup is aesthetically very beautiful to look at especially when it is filled with coffee. Ceramics cups come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and design. Not to mention you can print any artwork on them. And drinkware made from plastic are cheap and portable.

For us, our journey to create our favorite mug has resulted in the creation of Steelceramics.

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Ceramic Coated Mugs: Finding The Best Drinkware
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