Easy-to-pack decor options for destination weddings

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We’re gettin’ hitched at a resort on the Big Island and, despite the fact that we’re doing a destination wedding, we’re on a fairly strict budget. I’m trying to figure out some fun, funky, uber-colorful DIY decoration ideas that won’t take a buttload of time or money to do.


Well HalfPint, the following decor ideas won’t take up a buttload of time, money OR space because they’re all easily packable, easy to make and easy on your wallet. And they’ll look fabulous at any destination…

The decor at my wedding hangover lunch in Maui. Those decorations were used at various other wedding events.

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns fold flat and are super light weight, plus they come in practically any color and shape you could ever want. I happen to find fabric lanterns made for the outdoors so there was no threat of them getting ripped or broken during transfer.

Light-weight fabric panels

Large strips of light-weight fabric can be used to decorate your reception (as seen in the photo above), and when folded flat they are packed quite easily. Use them as table clothes, drape them from the ceiling to use as decorative panels, use them as chair covers or swaged over the head table.

Cardboard cupcake tower.

I used this cupcake tower for my destination wedding and it worked like a charm. The stand is made of cardboard separates so they’re easy to decorate and then take apart and lay flat for easy packing.


There are two schools of thoughts on balloons at a wedding — “No way, never” and “TOTALLY FUN!” I’m of the totally fun persuasion. We had a couple of silly shark and turtle balloons that made their appearance at both our “welcome party” and our wedding reception. People had fun posing with them and they don’t take up any room until they’re blown up!


Shrie’s DIY bunting flag posts are a great place to start for some flag inspiration or for instructions on how to make them yourself. Doing it that way makes it possible to have whatever colors, patterns, words, etc featured at your wedding AND they’re easy to transport!

Fake flowers

Lightweight and won’t get ruined or die during transit. Plus if you use orchids or other flowers that make a statement on their own, you only need to pack a few. And fake flowers can be your typical fabric types or knit, or beaded, or paper etc.

Christmas lights

Strings of pretty lights are one of the best ways to make a location feel more romantical and special. Pack a few boxes of white twinkly lights and then wrap them around posts and beams and whatever you want really! You can’t have enough pretty twinkly lights.

Pom poms

Brightly colored paper pom poms a la Martha are great for all purpose decor. Hang them from the ceiling, use them to accentuate your aisle or toss them on each table as centerpieces. You can either make them yourself or purchase them from an Etsy seller and just not fluff them up until you get to where you’re going.

Anyone else out there have experience with destination wedding decor? Leave your tips and advice in the comments!

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