Elegant goth wedding rings: black diamonds, skulls, sinister details

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This black skull engagement ring is super affordable — only $120 from Vancaro.

For those among us who are into dark and elegant chicness, goth styles, Halloween themes, and who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but black, there ARE rings for you.

We went looking for our favorite elegant, creepy but awesome goth wedding rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands to go with your dark, sinister vibes. We’ve got a full range of prices here, everything from some skull rings in the $150 range all the way up to $7k gothic diamond engagement rings that are as much art as they are jewelry.

These aren’t your mama’s wedding rings — unless your mama’s into skulls and coffin-shaped black sapphire! Let’s go shopping on the dark side…

Coffin shaped black diamond engagement ring from IzAndCo


Goth wedding rings
Celestial Goth Engagement Ring Set from Swank Metalsmithing


Gothic ring
Ok, let’s be clear: this Modern Gothic 14K Black Rose Gold Emerald and Baguette White Sapphire Wedding Ring from Art Masters is more art than reality. Truly, TRULY stunning


Black sapphire coffin engagement ring from Chelsea Oz Jewelry


This is another ring from Art Masters. Those SNAKES, tho!!


14k rose gold mokume shakudo cathedral ring with black diamond by RevolutionJewel.
Cocktail Halo Pavé
We love the way the tines around this blue sapphire ring look like LITTLE FANGS. It’s a subtle nod to the goth wedding ring, and would be extra lovely if you’re wearing a blue wedding gown.
Goth wedding rings
Black wedding engagement ring from Majade Jewelry Design
Fine blue sapphire 14kt Black Gold Engagement Ring. Scrollwork filigree Victorian vintage goth wedding ring by DeMer Jewelry
The Loren is a dramatic big ol’ black diamond ring from IzAndCo


Four skull engagement ring from Vancaro


Gothic engagement ring
Rose Cut Black Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Set in Palladium from
Slowack Jewelry




Gothic ring
The “Lora” ring from Iz&Co
Garnet engagement ring in 2-tone antiqued black white and European yellow gold by DeMer Jewelry
Black skull engagement ring from Vancaro
Gothic engagement ring
Herkimer Diamond and Oxidized Silver Ring Set from Gaias Candy


Gothic ring
Custom crown ring in black oxide from Sadir Jewelry


Gothic ring
Rotate wedding band from Johnnie Rocker
Unique emerald and black gold mens wedding band from
Skull engagement ring from DeMer Jewelry.


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