Embellished flats: so fancy, so comfortable

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I’m on a roll with wedding flats! Today’s little collection of embellished flats are me dipping my toe (HA! foot metaphor!) into the world of wedding flip-flops and sandals. They might not be formal enough for those of you who are having indoor weddings, but for those of you figuring out what to wear so that you can walk around on grass or sand all afternoon (and still be able to dance all night), lemme tell ya: I got some OPTIONS for you here. While lots of these these are indeed casual-ish, many of them have sparkling, glittery embellishments that give them a little glint of sophistication.

As always, I went for a range, from $35 affordables to $200 fancy kicks. As I like to do, I also included one pair of WHAT THAT WAS MY ENTIRE CATERING BUDGET shoes, just to see if you can spot the fancy-fance amidst the affordable.
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