Forget prom dresses — Quinceañera dresses are the ultimate wedding dress

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House of Wu purple dress -- I call this dress "Complete Overkill"
House of Wu purple dress — I call this dress “Complete Overkill”

A couple years ago I wrote a post about how prom dresses make daring wedding gowns, and it’s still true: they do. But if you’re into some KUHRAZY colorful froof, it’s really Quinceañera dresses that you should be stalking. Because, UH. MAH. GAH. Those 15 year old Latinas know their colorful froof, let me tell you!

For those of you unversed in American Latina culture, Quinceañera is a girl’s 15th birthday party and coming of age celebration. These parties are often a super big deal and not unlike a mini-wedding, complete with religious traditions, flowers, a reception, big dress, etc.

And those big dresses? HOLY SHIT those big dresses… If you’re thinking of a sleek modern gown or something eco-friendly and simple, Quinceañera dresses are your worst nightmare. We’re talking massive hoop skirts, bright colors, rhinestones, layers upon layers of ruffles, and fancy silver embroidery, and sometimes even glitter. Understated these things are NOT.

I’ve never been a fan of froof, but these dresses have helped me realize that it’s not that I don’t like froof — it’s the WHITE froof has never really done it for me. Rainbow froof, meanwhile? Mm. Kinda love. I’ve seen Quinceañera dresses that would be perfect for fantasy weddings, goth weddings, fairy weddings, and just plain ol’ crazy colorful weddings.


Like, wouldn’t this be the CUTEST lesbian wedding photo ever?

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