From Legos to the four-legged: ring pillow alternatives from offbeat brides

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Thanks to Becca for submitting this to the Offbeat Bride photo pool. Original photo by Costa Photography
Thanks to Becca for submitting this to the Offbeat Bride photo pool. Original photo by Costa Photography

Offbeat Brides have come up with insanely creative alternative methods to hold their rings — way beyond just a little satin pillow. Of course, there is absolutely NO NEED for a ring pillow of any kind, but if you want to use one, here are some great alternatives.

IMG_6629The bride explains about this creative alternative, “Our ring cushion was a donkey souvenir I bought in Santorini where Nico proposed. He had our rings tied onto his saddle bags and was carried by our ring bearer.”


To go along with their DIY LEGO card box, Offbeat Bride Tribe member intlulu’s fabulous FH made this (actual) LEGO ring box. The lego design on the top of the box is actually a little bow and the heart detail inside, plus the way the rings are secured just KILLS me.

knitted ring pillowSo, who says your pillow alternative can’t be, well… a pillow! I love this knitted version from geetargeek. Awww.

Ring PillowThe bride made this ring pillow alternative to look like a big flower.

Maverick, the pug, ring bearerCheck out the living ring pillow! Becca turned her pug into both the ring bearer AND the ring pillow via his nifty turquoise tux.

Congratulations to Jen and Gabe, Burning Man 2009
Photo by The Blight.

This clam ring pillow was the perfect fit for Jen and Gabe’s sea-themed Burning Man wedding.

Our wedding rings in their puzzle holdersThese puzzle ring holders come from Danielle & Dave’s geeky, puzzle-laden, Brooklyn wedding and were made by a Scott Lefton. Inside each ring holder is a labyrinth. Each hook must traverse the labyrinth independently, and when the puzzle is solved, the hooks move inward and the ring can be removed!

"Ring bearer"If you’re doing a ring warming, I like this idea from Michelle and Jacob’s wedding — tie your wedding rings to a tree instead of passing them around on a pillow.

Our ring bowlFrom trees to nests, like this one from Brooke and Matt’s wedding.

coffin ring box
Photo from Etsy seller braggingbags.

OBT member Carren is using this coffin shaped wooden box from Etsy seller braggingbags. She explains, “Since our theme is classic/vintage horror movie, this is perfect!”


Of course there’s always the “ring book.” See the tutorial here.

The ringsSandy’s husband bought this Kamen Rider Odin figurine to be their ring pillow alternative! Also, bonus points for the adorable ring bearer-man. 😉

ring bearerWendy and James opted for this ceramic ring plate purchased on Etsy.

ring bear close upRing bears are a thing, and I absolutely LOVE that. This one from Jess & James’ whimsical, vintage-inspired, DIY feathery lovesplosion acted as the ring pillow alternative (with the rings tied to the strings) AND stood in as a groomsman replacement.

IMG_9430Cat and Jim put their wedding rings inside this little metal box, carried by their ring girl.

Photo by Rearview Photography.

Nina and Sean didn’t need a ring pillow because Sean’s ring fit wonderfully in a little pocket fold of Nina’s dress!

Aaron and I had a ring turtle! My mom bought me this cute little magnetic turtle jewelry holder thing-a-majig, so I used it to hold our rings until our wedding day and then realized, hey, this could be our ring pillow alternative!

I know there are even more clever and awesome ring pillow alternatives out there, so leave your ideas in the comments and upload your photos to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool.

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