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I see…so someone on this blog is qualified to decide what is funny and what isn’t within the confines of my relationship with my wife-to-be! I had some doubts.

I was always pretty sure that over-sensitivity is as much a part of the problem as anyone actually being any sort of “ist”. We give power to words when we decide that we will let these words bother us. You see, you can call me whatever you want. The simple truth here is that I don’t care what your opinion of me happens to be. I know who and what I am, so your words have no power over me. When we decide to find (yes, find) insult where none is intended, we are reinforcing stereotypes. For example, if you over-react to this t-shirt, you reinforce the “belief” that gooms don’t want to marry. Simple as that. Clearly, some are resistant to doing so, just as some brides are. There isn’t automatically any “sexism” in this unless you want to find it. ‘Course, in our culture, one gains power by being associating with a “victim group” sometimes. You know, supporting the belief that grooms don’t want to marry could be interpreted as a form of sexism, too. As an aside, I find it ironic that the general consensus seems to be that only white men can egage in “isms”. However, the key difference here is that frankly, I don’t care what you think. I can read your subtle accusation, and laugh it off. That isn’t to say, of course, that I don’t appreciate your opinion and don’t respect your right to disagee. 🙂

You know something else? The converse is also true, just cause I don’t wear a t-shirt doesn’t mean I am not sexist.So, perhaps, just perhaps, the t-shirt isn’t the problem. You want to fix sexism? Getting rid of this t-shirt won’t solve the problem.This sort of approach to this problem will never work long term.

My future wife and I know our relationship. I still maintain ayone who would actually feel this way (i.e., trapped in a relationship and that it is “game over”) wouldn’t wear one of these.

In my case, I simply refuse to accept the “gender stereotype” to which the people on this blog cling. I think this shirt, if nothing else, underscores the absurdity that many brides have about their grooms. I find it ironic, therefore, that I am “part of the problem” by refusing to accept the negative stereotype, yet you who seem to accept it as truth totally is….what? Part of a solution? Please…..

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