Gina & Frank’s circus-freak, carnival wedding and sideshow

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Ivan Villa Photography-6496
Photos by Ivan Villa

The offbeat bride: Gina, Tattoo Artist

Her offbeat partner: Frank, Restaurant Manager

Location & date of wedding:Kennedy Mine, Jackson, California — October 10, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: We had a swordswallower/firebreather perform during our ceremony. While that was going on Frank and I had our ring fingers tattooed, on stage, out of a self contained tattoo trunk I built. Ivan Villa Photography-

We DIYed a bunch of things. I painted seven of the 4′ x 6′ sideshow banners. My fiance and a friend made the candy cart, ticket booth and face cut out. We had an Absinthe toast, fat lady cupcakes and carmel candy apples.

Also, friends surprised us with a vintage hot dog cart and then they served them. Another friend surprised us with a dunk tank, where I got to dunk my new husband at the end of the night. We had strolling entertainers, a magician, fortune teller, a “strong man” in a thong suit (tooooo funny) and a bearded lady! Ivan Villa Photography-6927

Tell us about the ceremony: We made the reading as short as possible and went with traditional episcopal vows.

My great uncle had worked at the mine where we were married, while it was still in operation. Unfortunately, he had lost his hand while working there. At one point, the reverend mentioned that and how I gave my ring finger “hand” in marraige there also.

Our biggest challenge: Just finishing all of the projects and props in time for our wedding. It was very stressful.

My favorite moment: We consciously made a big effort to make sure the wedding was nothing but FUN! We express our love to each other daily and didn’t feel a need to have an “emotional” wedding. With the exception of getting our rings tattooed, our ceremony was very short overall. Ivan Villa Photography-6755

Since my father has passed away, I had my boss and man who apprenticed me give me away. He also gave a beautiful unexpected speech.

Dancing with my new husband to Prince’s (my favorite artist) song “Friend, lover, sister, mother, wife.”

My funniest moment: I think having my best guy friend dress as the strongman and walk around in a thong leotard was the funniest moment, along with my new husband in the dunk tank, heckling everyone.
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My advice for offbeat brides: If you’re an artist or craftsperson, make as much as you can. It makes everything more personal and rewarding in the end. And sooo appreciated by friends and family.

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Frank in the dunk tank!

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