Going up? Platforms to add a little height to your wedding day

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I’m a sucker for a platform shoe.

Is it because I came of age during the height of the ’90s club kid stacked platform fad?

Is it because I love being taller, without being up on my toes?

Is it because of all the colors you can cram into the extra square inch-age of shoe material?

No clue, you guys… but I love platforms.

As such, I love that my ’90s tastes are coming back in style. In this post, I’ve got everything from wedges to high-heeled pumps to platform boots to what the kids these days are calling “flatforms.”

By the way, let me get out my candy-raver cane and say that in my day (IN MY DAY!) we called flatforms “stacks.”

Also: there’s a Hello Kitty shoe in here for y’all.

So. You ready? BE READY.

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