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[related-post]Over the years of Offbeat Bride, we’ve seen some really unique guest books that step WAY outside the lines of empty book and pens left on a table. If you’re looking for a way to personalize your wedding even more check out this guestbook alternatives round-up…

Instruments as guestbooks

Instruments make awesome guest books. We’ve seen guitars and drums put to good use as guestbooks, but this is our first blue french horn guestbook. Uploaded to the OBB Flickr pool by marlasinger84, she explains that this horn was covered in silver signatures and it’s future home is their mantle.

Typewriter guestbook

guestbook table
These have been popping up all over the place. Perfect for vintage-style weddings to set the old-timey tone from the very beginning.

Guestbook trees

Guest "Book"
Branches sticking out a glass vase provided an easy way to make a tree. Flickr member lutra98685 uploaded this to the OBB pool and explained that their guests hung fall “leaves” for everyone to sign and then hang. The sign is a piece of log that was painted with chalkboard paint. “A fun idea for any teacher.”

Guestbook banner

Our guest"book"
You could have your guests sing something like banner flags, or these letters that spelled out Flickr member outommyboychick’s last name, who said, “Now we can hang up our wedding ‘guestbook’ when we finally get a house.”

Wishing rock guestbook and variations there of

Our Shell Guestbook
Jenie uploaded this to our Flickr pool and explains, “The signed seashells in that vase were our guest book at our ‘wedding shower/going away/pre-elopement party.’ Ever heard of a wishing rock guestbook? We had wishing sea shells.”

Guestbook poster

Photo by Marvylous Photography

Find a poster of some special significance, or create one, or frame a photo of the two of you surrounded by large matting for your guests to sign. Then once it’s done you can hang it up in your home.


The Guestbook(board)
Along the same lines of the guestbook poster is this guestboard. Just put up a blank piece of poster board for your guests to sign and decorate as they wish. You’ll never know what you’ll end up with.


Your photobooth can double as your guest book as long as you ad a chalk board or a dry-erase board as something to write a message on.

Polaroid guestbook

I used one of these guest books at my wedding and it was a hit. The guests loved it as much as I did and to this day I still flip through it laughing my ass off at the silly pictures and corresponding messages.

Video guestbook

Nita & Rehan’s Message Booth from Hello Super Studios on Vimeo.

If you’ve hired a videographer, or a service like Hello Super 8They ♥ OBB; we ♥ them this would be super easy, or perhaps just set up a video camera much like you’d set up a photo booth and have your guests record their well wishes.

Personal card guestbook

we dont need no stinking guestbook
Sometimes what you want to say isn’t either easy or appropriate to write in a book that everyone and their MOM can read through. The note on the table reads: “In lieu of a guest book please select a card from the table and share you thoughts, wishes and advice. Place in an envelope for Meaghan and Joe to save for a rainy day.”


the dodgeball "card"
I could see this being perfect if you guys are into some kind of ball-sport.

You can find TONS more ideas in our massive, ever-growing guestbook archive, and of course we’d love to hear what you’re doing. Tell us in the comments!

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