Have grandmas as flower girls!

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Love this idea! Its the first OBB article I ever found and made me sign up and buy the book!

We really want to do this at our wedding, with my great-aunt and Rick’s grandma. We want to ask them soon as our wedding is in 3 years time, and it will give them something to look forward to.

Problem is we want to give them an official title, but not flower girl. Our wedding party is small – _2 best men, and my brother as a groomsman. My mum is walking me down the aisle. My auntie never married, but ricks grandma did, and I don’t want to upset / be seen as patronising them, but for me it’s super important as my auntie is my only other close family, so I want her included.

Age wise if it helps, grandma will be 100, my auntie will be 87

Any suggestions would be very welcome!!

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