How planning a wedding is a lot like moving

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A Whidbey Island, WA wedding in their own backyard
From this Whidbey Island, WA wedding. Photo by: Hannah Wahl Photography

Trying to orchestrate this move has made me realize how much moving and wedding planning have in common. They both involve:

  • Talking to strangers on the phone/by email, who you will be giving a lot of money.
  • A lot of research, a lot of stress.
  • Everyone has an opinion, and they’re going to give it whether you want to hear it or not.
  • After all of the planning and the stress you get to experience a fun major life event, making it all worthwhile!

Maybe I’m not giving us enough credit, but I’m not sure if we would be able to handle the logistics of setting up this move in such a short time frame if it hadn’t been for all of the wedding planning.

Thanks to wedding planning I know how to get multiple quotes from people, and I know how to avoid feeling pressured into something I don’t want or need. It’s still stressful and a little scary, but it’s doable and even a little fun at the same time!

Suddenly needing lots of boxes? Instead of new street name, you’re learning to write a new last name? What other ways is wedding planning like moving?

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