How to avoid your email save-the-date going to spam

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How to avoid your email save-the-date going to spam
The top section of our emailed save-the-date
Photo by Emma Mullins Photography

It was super tempting to start this post as “email STD warning!” But I decided to be good and go with something more clear and less risqué. My partner and I decided to send out email save-the-dates instead of a physical card. We decided to go this route since we’re more tech-y and less formal. Plus, I got to design a little graphic, which is always my preference.

I do, however, have a warning for you if you are planning on going the green route with your save-the-date by sending out electronic ones. If you send an email with an image, you may hit your guests’ spam folders or run into a couple of other issues. Here are some pros and cons of going green with your save-the-dates and how you can avoid your save-the-date going to spam…

Pitfalls of an emailed save-the-date:

  • Your guests’ emails address might not be up to date
  • Your email might hit spam folders
  • Guests may not remember to add the date to their calendar without a visual reminder

Benefits of an emailed save-the-date:

  • A greener option since it uses no paper
  • You can potentially save some cash by designing it yourself
  • You can respond to initial questions right away
  • You can link to your wedding website with more information (I used Riley & GreyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them which allowed me to put a lot of my information there instead of needing to keep it all in the save-the-date and ultimately, the invitation itself.)

It’s your call on whether or not you think the pros outweigh the cons. I mean, even a paper save-the-date can get lost in the mail or be forgotten in a pile.

How to avoid your email save-the-date going to spam
Our wedding website from Riley & Grey that houses all of our detailed wedding info

I ultimately chose to create an embedded graphic to slide into an email and simply BCCed my guests. Unfortunately, though, while we had double checked all of the email addresses and they were correct, a fair few of them hit spam folders. Thankfully, my guest list is on the smaller side so it was easy to email/text anyone who hadn’t mentioned it yet to check their spam folders and we now know everyone at least saw it.

Here are some tricks to avoid your email save-the-date going to spam:

  1. Embed any images instead of attaching them
  2. Don’t use any weird characters ($%# etc.) in the subject line and keep it short (under 45 characters).
  3. If your guest list is really long and you’d rather avoid checking with everyone to make sure they received it, consider an online save-the-date company like Paperless Post or Greenvelope which often allow tracking and show whether or not someone has seen the email and opened it.

Ultimately, I was super happy with the response to our emailed save-the-date. I don’t think anyone was surprised that we chose that route and SO many of our guests have already visited the wedding website, booked hotels, RSVPed online, got some questions answered, etc. It was great to have such an immediate response.

Who else sent an emailed save-the-date? Did you run into any issues?

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