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Are you a fashion enthusiast who is all ears to the Indian wedding fashion trends
2022, our wedding fashion industry has been throwing? Would you like to have a
quick read about the deluxe hit Indian wedding dresses in the latest trends of 2022?
Or would like to catch up on the exciting wedding fashion trends the pandemic has
brought to us?

From traditional Kanjeevaram silks to contemporary Christian bridal gowns, we have
some latest wedding trends India to share with you! Over the past 5 years, Indian
bridal fashion industry has seen a rollercoaster of globally recognised additions.
Some remain immortal while some disappeared in months. We would like to walk you
through some trendsetting designs that might persist for a longer timeframe. Get your
fashion-conscious persona ready as we take you to this visual treat!

1) The Color Burst

Refreshing citrusy shades and pastel colors are smashing the charts of wedding
fashion ever since 2022. Clearly, blood-red lehengas and sarees have it’s own
deep-rooted presence in the Indian wedding color trends 2022. But, the pastel hues
we see here have conquered their own thrones with lots and lots of admirers. To point
out, these colors often pop in wedding brunches and after-wedding bashes.


Indian wedding fashion trends

Indian wedding dresses in the latest trends

At times, it also shines in Kanjeevaram sarees and experimental wedding gowns.
Unquestionably, lightweight chiffon and organza-like fabrics are widely used while
playing with such refreshing colors. Most importantly, the comfort factor of such chic
outfits is more as compared to exhaustingly heavy fabrics that are often finished with
decor pieces.

2) Effortless & Chic

Rather than crafting a heavily embellished saree look, Indian brides have begun to
rewrite the typical Indian saree elements. To emphasize, clean-cut sleeveless saree
blouses and minimal jewelry have been brides’ favorites for a long time. Here, it is
evident that the saree looks feel much more minimal yet elegant with very less

elegant Indian wedding fashion trend

elegant Indian wedding fashion trend


Stressing on the comfort factor, the brides feel effortless and beautiful in such sleek
blouse patterns. And, these patterns are seen with zero embellishments. Added to that,
the bridal saree is draped in a relaxed fit. Brides who would like to blend their
authentic Kanjeevaram silks with modernist elements can easily try out this elegant
Indian wedding fashion trend 2022!

3) Avant-Grade Designs

Let it be a lehenga-choli or a Christian wedding saree, there are zillion ways to
transform it with gorgeous details. By the wake of 2022, we have been seeing a lot of
unique designs that are gently transforming the original pattern. Being more of an
experimental approach, the designs of these kinds are perfected with custom fittings
and discussions for ensuring maximum comfort.

latest wedding trends India

latest wedding trends India

Reviewing the designs our brides are wearing in the photos, flared lehengas and
mermaid sarees are just a vibe! Sarees are often worked with flaps and extra fittings at
the border. Added to that the drapes are removed and replaced with something unique.
When it comes to lehenga-choli, the choli or blouse is the center of attraction where
tons of interesting elements are tried out! From Disney-inspired sleeves to Western
wedding gown inspirations, it’s indeed is a real treat to our eyes!

4) Designer Lehengas

Custom-made designer lehengas have been trending ever since 2022. The celebrity
wedding of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has a huge influence on opting for
international designer brands. Customizing one’s lehenga through VIP meetings and
discussions is extremely exciting for paparazzis as well as the social media fam. To
point out, Indian brides often stuff up their savings beforehand to get their Sabyasachi
lehengas and Amrapali Jewellery ready for their special day.

Indian bridal trends

Indian wedding dresses

Clearly, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani bag the top 3
positions in Indian bridal trends 2022. However, those who can’t afford celebrity
designers and stylists often tend to lean towards recreating the designs with local
tailors. The materials are sourced through local artisans and the jewelry will be family

5) Silhouetted Fairy-Tale Gowns

Christian wedding gowns have experienced noticable changes over the past couple of
decades. From no veil to 7 yards of custom-made veils, lots of elements have
transformed. Illusion necklines, fishtail cuts and mermaid designs are some of the
most popular 2022 Christian bridal trends. Rather than picking a puffy bottom,
brides admire sleek gowns with minimal embellishments.

Christian bridal gown looks

Contrasting to the neat low bun hairstyles, open hairstyles that are boho-inspired have
been deluxe hits in Christian bridal gown looks. For the sleeves, off-the-shoulder
and cold shoulder designs are still glowing besides their years of dedicated presence
in the past decade.

6) Retracing the Roots

Kerala Kasavu sarees and authentic Coorgi Sarees have made a solid comeback. From
pre-wedding rituals to after-wedding poojas, brides are uber excited about wearing
their crisp homely outfits. Clearly, the party gowns and Indo Western fits we used to
see at the pre-wedding ceremonies have slowly vanished.

latest bridal trends in India

latest bridal trends in India

Instead, the customary outfits that were worn by the brides of 50s and 60s are
showered with love! Detangling family heirlooms with a personal touch is yet another
trend. Evidently, it’s a special moment when the bride appears in her mother’s
wedding saree or grandmother’s Kadas (A traditional Bangle). However, a pinch of
2022 latest bridal trends in India is often added to these fits in one way or another.

7) Unique Elements

A gorgeous off-the-shoulder sleeve design with lace and embroidery feels fresh and
Avant Grade at the same time. Similarly, patchwork and heavy hangings have been
admired in South Indian Bridal fashion. Traditional lehenga cholis have been replaced
with sequence layered modernist fits.

latest wedding trends India

latest wedding trends India

Also, the customary half sleeves are no more. Instead, we see a bunch of cozy cold
shoulder patterns with pom-poms and metallic hangings. Added to that, high neck
wedding gown designs paired with full sleeves are ruling in glory. Here, the gown
leaves absolutely no space for jewelry pieces. Clearly, statement Christian bridal
jewelry has been facing a huge downfall.

8) Kanjeevaram Love

Kanjeevaram silks are the most widely used Hindu bridal outfits. Sourced from
artisans’ villages in Kanjeevaram, these silk sarees have traveled all throughout the
country. Regardless of the traditions or caste, the Kanjeevaram bridal sarees have
been making celebrity appearances in Bollywood and Tollywood.

sensational Indian wedding fashion trends

sensational Indian wedding fashion trends

Definity, these silks can be described as immortal as they have faced giant waves of
revolutionary changes in wedding fashion. Dating back to hundreds and hundreds of
years, it is extremely difficult to filter out an era that does not specify the presence of
Kanjeevaram silk sarees in wedding fashion. To point out, supporting styling changes
have evolved such as the use of temple jewelry enamel jewel trends.

We hope you had a good time brushing through the sensational Indian wedding
fashion trends of 2022 and 2022. To be precise, it is super-exciting for us to spill the
news regarding bridal fashion trends as we have been witnessing several changes.

With the rise of the pandemic, bridal fashion has been experiencing lots of significant
changes related to budget and style statement. Also, there are some unbeatable
competitors who have displayed a strong presence, regardless of all these major
changes. Our focus is to walk you through the unnoticed as well as noticed evolutions
before you begin your own bridal lookbook.

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Influential Wedding Fashion Trends | Indian Bridal Edition
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