It’s here! The 2020 Reader Survey!

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Hey APW!

It’s been about one million years since we’ve done an APW reader survey. In fact, for the past few years, we’ve been saying, “This month is gonna be the month,” for well, many, many months. But surprise! Thanks to newer members of our (amazing) staff, this month really is the month.

Take the reader survey over here!

Also in Logistics

Let’s talk creative rehearsal dinner ideas. Because… want to know what’s truly, mind-blowingly exciting about wedding planning? Somewhere, in the midst of place settings and dress fittings and venue deposits,…

Apparently we haven’t done an in-depth reader survey since 2011, when some of our current staff members were, uh, in elementary school (time truly flies when you’re doing work you love). For our 2010 reader survey, my friend Jamie Street—now a powerhouse photographer—made these amazing (and very not mobile-friendly, because 2011) graphics:

I can’t promise graphics quite this amazing (or personalized) but we do want to hear all about you, our favorite people on the internet. So please, take a second and fill out this survey. It will take you about three minutes and be super helpful to us.

Take the reader survey right here!


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