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So, it’s no secret that when I first launched offbeatbride.com all those years ago, the website was just meant as a way to promote my book. Within six months I realized that, while only a few hundred people cared about the book, hundreds of thousands of people cared about the website. I quickly changed my business model (the tool I was using to market the product essentially became the product).

Be honest: how many of you even KNEW there was an Offbeat Bride book?!

THAT SAID, of course as an author, I want y’all to read my book. And so does Janelle, who sent me this email last week:

I have three words of advice to Offbeat Bride readers. BUY THE BOOK! Seriously!

For months and months, I’ve been stalking Offbeat Bride as a non-engaged person. I first turned to the website because I was terrified of even the idea of planning a wedding. The idea made me sick to my stomach because I didn’t want to wear a white dress, I didn’t want bridesmaids, I didn’t want religion involved…and I didn’t know how to have the kind of wedding that would actually reflect me. Before Offbeat Bride, I only wanted to elope … but now I have visions of a kick-ass party and ceremony that represents us and is a celebration of our love.

And I’m so glad I spent all that time pouring over offbeatbride.com because… my partner of six years officially proposed last weekend! Hooray! And the very first thing I did was BUY THE BOOK! I just got it yesterday and have been burning through it and already there is advice in there about engagement and rings that I have found SO helpful and reassuring.

I can’t wait to read the whole thing, and then read it again, and again, and again to take notes. Ariel, I want your readers to know that buying the book is SO worth it, especially if you have the fear of wedding planning that I had/still sort of have. There’s a lot in the book that isn’t really on the website, so it’s completely worth getting. BUY THE BOOK!

Thank you!

So yeah, as Janelle says… BUY THE BOOK!

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