Kate & Lee’s pink and green retro eye-candy wedding

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The offbeat bride: Kate Davies, Barmaid

My offbeat groom: Lee Davies, Delivery Driver

Location & date of wedding: September 3rd, 2005 in Ammanford, South Wales

What made our wedding offbeat: After 10 years together, we decided to throw a big fat funky retro wedding. We had a tight budget so I made everything: invitations, wedding cake, favors, order of service, seven bridesmaid dresses — not to mention my own dress. And I did it all in keeping with our pink and green theme.

All our guests were asked to come in retro gear from the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s. We went for white suits for the men (the John Travolta Saturday night fever thing), pink shirts for the ushers, and black for the groom and best man.

My wedding

We had green madouir cocktails with pink flamingo straws for the guests when they entered and had record for place mats. Along the tables I made bowls out of old record and filled them with practical jokes and sweets in bits of net with little tags saying “may the force be with you.”

My wedding

Obviously, I love Star Wars, so my bright pink three tier wedding cake had Han and Leia on the top instead of a bride and groom.

My wedding

We also did a dance routine with all the ushers to “You to me are everything,” by The Real Thing. It went great except for my boobs falling out of my dress when Lee swung me around.

My wedding

I also had a man of honour instead of a maid of honour. My best mate in the world Andrew looked fab as he walked behind me down the aisle.

My wedding

I live in a small Welsh town and when the locals heard about it they flocked outside the church to see our big day. It was crazy — there were around hundreds of locals waiting for me and at one stage the police were going to close the road. It all stared off because we wanted our wedding to fun and not uptight like the traditional weddings … but the whole thing snow-balled and we ended up on the front page of our local newspaper!

Crowd control

Our biggest challenge: Budget and time constraints. We spent £4250 [about $8,300] on everything. This included everything from the reception, church fees, flowers, order of service, and invitation costs, decorating the room, and mainly the outfits. We paid for all the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses so they didn’t have to buy them, and we paid for the shirts and half the cost of the ushers suits. Designing and making everything was also a push, as I only had nine months and was working full time. The wedding completely took over my life and there were times when I would freak out and think about eloping — but all the hard work paid off in the end.

My favorite moment: When I walked out of my flat and there were townsfolk with cameras taking photos of me, my dad, Andrew, and my bridesmaids. It was like being in the Oscars. Most of all, the best moment had to be walking down the aisle and seeing Lee. He looked like he was going to cry at one point. I’ve never smiled so much as I did when we were saying our vows. It was so exciting.

My wedding

My offbeat advice: Don’t give in to anyone when it comes to your wedding! It doesn’t matter who is paying — it’s you and your hubby’s big day. If people don’t like what you’re planning or they turn their noses up, don’t invite them, or tell them it’s up to them, but it’s your day so they can like it or lump it. They will soon come around to your way of thinking. Trust me: I have been there.

My wedding

UshersLook around for the best price. The internet and ebay have some great bargains if you look around. Also, see what sort of talents your friends have. One of ours took the photos, another sorted out the flowers, and Lee’s mum’s friend was the caterer for the reception, so we got it all at a great price. Try and make items for your wedding yourself — not only is it cheaper, but it’s also a lot more personal.

Last but not least, have fun! Remember, if things do go a bit wrong it’s not the end of the world. The most important thing is that you and your boyfriend will be husband and wife by the end of the day.


Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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