Kayleigh & Gage’s Black Beach Elopement in Minnesota 2022

When you think about a beautiful elopement, your first thought is probably along the lines of: “we have to travel somewhere “popular” for a pretty elopement” and let me just say… that’s a wrong assumption 😘 Minnesota’s very own North Shore has gotten popular over the last couple of years and is full of beautiful locations for the perfect elopement day. Kayleigh and Gage’s Black Beach Elopement will make you fall in love with Minnesota’s North Shore and even inspire you as you and your partner dream about the perfect elopement.

Why Kayleigh + Gage Decided to Elope on the North Shore

“We had been engaged since 2022. We are both introverts with small families, and coupled with the pandemic, eloping sounded perfect for us!” Kayleigh also grew up in Two Harbors, MN, so Kayleigh was definitely familiar with the area!

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