Lilac Color report: add creativity to your home

What Color is Lilac?

The lilac color is a shade purple that resembles the flower by the same name. This purple color is a medium violet which is made by combining red and blue on the color wheel with a little bit of white. Lilac has a pink undertone, which makes this cool color warmer than lavender.

What Colors Go with Lilac?

  • gray
  • yellow
  • brown
  • pink
  • teal blue


Pictured above, a rug featuring shades of lilac, light purple, plum adds a pop of color to a neutral color living room

A lilac color palette for the home can make a statement.

When using the lilac color to decorate a home, use in the bedroom adult or kids bedroom. Thus shade of violet is a soft feminine color that can be used on the walls or add this color with your bedroom accessories.

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Lilac Color report: add creativity to your home
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