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Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Pearl

I’ve done posts about wedding boots before, but this time I wanted to take a slightly different tack… toward lower-heeled, more comfortable options.

I tried to limit my selections to heels with heights of less than three inches (…I didn’t always succeed), focusing on styles that had a hint of formality while still being as loud and funky as I always like to feature. Lots of victorian options

I’ve got everything here from uber-femme brocaded floral booties all the way to androngynous glittered ankle boots to ass-stomping shit-kickers. Because (sing it with me!), “The boots were made for wedding…”

Victorian Style Leather Ankle Boots in Tan Rustic

Victorian Mid-Calf Leather Wedding Boots in Nectar Lux

Victorian Inspired Leather & Lace Boots in Pearl

Baisley Modern Vintage Boots in Nectar Lux

Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Nectar Rustic

Baisley Modern Vintage Boots in Nectar Lux

Josephine Victorian Style Short Boots in Black-White

Biddy Victorian Style Tall Boots in Bone Rustic

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