Monday Montage: hot tattoos, splashes of red and florals

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Now that Halloween week is over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programing. This week’s Monday Montage has a red overtone to it. Along with the red, you’ll see lots of tattoos, a couple of incredible non-floral bouquets, and some SUPER HOT red dresses.

Photo thanks to Alex Dobson

HOLY GUACAMOLE! This photo makes me drool. I am seriously obsessed with Ang’s dress. On top of that, I love the braided up-do, her red bird-cage veil and her incredible furry white shrug. Her smile just KILLS it!

Photos by Kerry Ball

The only thing cuter than an Offbeat Mama Bride, baby converse. LOVE ’em.

wedding 130
I can’t find much about Anna and her man’s wedding, however, it looks like they had a lot of silly fun. Here, they are toasting with their crunk cups sparkly-skull embossed, black wine glasses. It also appears that they might have used ring-pops during in their ceremony! Also, I had to mention just how much I ADORE Anna’s dress.

Bouquet on Bike
Photo thanks to Tom Smarch

Look at Shannon‘s beautiful brooch bouquet. The red vintage bike complements it so well.

Photos by Daniel Dunlap

Check out these two beautiful brides: Andrea and Lacey. Simply stunning.

Photos by Lucas from Chichester Photography

Kate and a friend hand-made her silk rose bouquet as well as her MOH’s origami lily bouquet. The best part (!!!) if you look really, really carefully, you will see that there is a teeny-tiny TARDIS in her bouquet.

Photo courtesy of Neil Girling

This photo of Sparkly and Bones just oozes sex-ay-ness. More on this wedding later this week. 😉

Last but not least, here is Niamh and her totally gorgeous bridemaids, who are helping her get ready. Niamh gets by with a little help from her friends.

Photos done by Snap Grin Photo

Dan: “Check MEH out!”
Carmen: “LOL WUT!?”
Ladies in the background: “Slam your body down zigazig ah!”

Now your turn — Leave a comment with your captions.

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