Monday Montage: medieval times, gorgeous greenery and shoes

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It’s the most wonderful time of the weeeeek. At least it is for me, because on Mondays I get to show you my favorite photos from your fellow readers. This week you’ll see lots of beautiful outdoor weddings, ridiculously happy couples, intimate moments, and some red, white, blue and black.

Photo thanks to Kelli Cohee

After Liz and Suraj exchanged vows, they got showered with flower petals. Apparently they were “peeing their pants laughing during the ceremony.” Loves it.

First Dance to Rock and Roll Suicide
Photos by Brett Buchanan

Tash and Sean are The Gyronauts, a hula hoop duo from Texas. They got married in a whirlwind of love, fire, and PVC tubing. This is their first dance to Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide. You’ll see more on this crazy/cool couple next week.

Photo by Lynne Robertson Photography

Here are Maureen and Derek standing in front of Arbroath Harbour. I love the kilt, the colors, the water, the ships and of course the shoes.

Photo by Whitney Lee Photography

I know Bethany and Deanna’s yellow color scheme doesn’t exactly fit into this week’s Monday Montage but they’re just so damn cute. In my defense this photo is outdoors and they are standing in front of something blue.

Bride and Daughter
Photos by Derek Smith and Brigit Rock of Bohemian Noir Vision

Aww, look at Sarah and her daughter having an intimate moment.

Katharine and RJ The Ceremony 110
Photos by Tristan Brand

Kat and Bear had a DIY, cottage wedding with their dogs and kids. They made their blue wedding outfits themselves…

Katharine and RJ After The Ceremony 113
Photos by Tristan Brand

…Check out their their celtic-inspired, matching Medieval Moccasins.

Photo by Jennifer Yarbro Photography.

Speaking of medieval times, As You Wish Events sent this photo our way of Christina and James’ fairy-tale wedding, for real. The entire day was a whimsical princess fantasy, where all the guests were brought back to an ancient time.

Justin and Bich's Wedding
Photo taken by and courtesy of Kwintowski

Justin and Bich just dropped down the rabbit hole… At least their Mad Hatter Tea Party themed wedding made it appear so! Bich is Vietnamese and Justin is Australian so they wanted to fuse traditions from Western and Eastern cultures. Their wedding theme allowed them to seamlessly blend a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in before they exchanged vows during their Catholic ceremony.

Photo by Maxime Desessard

Diane and Nicolas’ had a theater/Shakespearean/pseudo-Tudor/British/Harry-potterish wedding theme. (Say that five times fast.) At any rate, they look fantastic. Just look at how epic the back of her dress is.

Photo by Huw Thomas

Damn, this bride certainly knows how to enter a room!

Photo by Julie Schumacher

Last but not least, get an eyeful of these SHOES!

Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don’t include your info when they submit photos. If I’ve featured your work but it isn’t properly credited, email me!

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