Most Expensive Diamonds Sold at an Auction in 2021

2022 has already come to an end. What better way to wrap up the previous year by bringing you the top 10 most expensive jewelry sold at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in 2022. 

Last year’s jewelry are very interesting. The list consists of rings and earrings, some with significant provenance attached to it (such as the Marie Antoinette Diamond Bracelet), while others are because of the rarity (such as the Sakura Diamond ring).

We also see a lot of Fancy Vivid and Fancy Intense diamonds in the list which drove the prices up.

An item that almost made it to our top 10 is a Jade Bangle which was sold for HKD30.425M (USD3.6M). At the end of our list, we will mention our honorable mentions. 

So without further a-do, here is the top 10 most expensive jewelry sold at Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

#10 Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring ($5.88M)

Nothing much is said about this particular ring, except that the price of the ring is driven by the rarity of its vivid blue diamond center stone. 

The ring is adorned by a 3.32-carat emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue center stone graded as Internally Flawless. 

The band is further adorned by smaller square-cut diamonds in a channel setting. 

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No matter who is the collector, or who is it from, one thing is for certain: the owner of this ring has such great taste!

#9 ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier – Parcours d’un Style’ Diamond and Rock Crystal Bangle (US$6.01M)

Cartier has yet again cemented its position as one of the most prestigious jewelry designers with this exceptionally-beautiful bracelet.

This gorgeous bracelet rocks a 6.33-carat pear-shaped diamond graded as D-color, Internally Flawless. The entire bracelet is adorned by brilliant diamonds with a total carat weight of  27.80 with F-G color and VVS-VS clarity. 

The center-stone can be replaced by a 1.05 carat diamond with D-color and VVS1 Clarity. 

The diamonds are set in an 18-karat white diamond bracelet.

#8 The Sweetheart Property of a Lady (US$6.05M)

We know how rare it is to get a high clarity diamond. It is even rarer to get a fancy pink diamond with exceptional quality. 

Imagine having both qualities in a ring. No wonder this diamond fetched a price of US$6.05M!

A unique ring that exudes femininity, this diamond ring sports a 4.19-carat heart brilliant-cut diamond graded as Fancy Vivid Pink color and VVS1 clarity. 

Adorned on each side are smaller 0.61-carat diamonds graded as D-color and Internally Flawless clarity. 

These rare diamonds are mounted in a platinum band with gold crowns. 

We will say yes to this sweetheart every time!

#7 Diamond with Blue diamond drop earrings (US$7.42M)

Next is the only earrings on our list. This unique pair of earrings is adorned by 6 diamonds in pear, oval and round shapes on each side that looks like half of a flower, with a fancy vivid blue drop diamond in a halo setting. 

The Fancy Vivid Blue diamonds are almost identical in carats. GIA has graded one at 3.06 carats, while the other one at 2.71 carats, both are VS1 clarity. 

#6 Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring (US$8M)

Next on our list is another Fancy Intense Blue Diamond! 

The center of attention is a saturated blue modified rectangle brilliant cut diamond weighed at 6.11 carats, VS2 clarity. 

As if that’s not enough, the center stone is surrounded by round diamonds in a halo setting and the band is further encrusted by round F-G-colored, VS clarity diamonds, with a total carat weight of 0.75 carats. 

This looks good with the Fancy Vivid Blue diamond earrings, don’t you think?

#5 Marie Antoinette Diamond Bracelets (US$8.16M)

We believe that anything owned by the infamous queen Marie Antoinette will sure catch an astonishing auction price (remember Marie Antoinette’s Pearl pendant which fetched US$36M?). And this pair of exquisite pair of diamond bracelets is no exception.

This pair of 3-strand bracelets, has a total of 112 diamonds estimated to be 140-150 carats in total. Diamonds are set in silver and yellow gold and is housed in a blue velvet case. 

The pair were commissioned in 1776 which cost 250,000 livres, equivalent to around $46M in today’s money. 

Apart from being in the collection of Marie Antoinette, and the rich history that comes with it, the reason why this pair is uniquely interesting is because the bracelets were not altered or split into pieces, as what other owners would have done. This makes it more valuable to collectors. 

The bracelet is believed to have been created by Charles Auguste Boehmer, Marie-Antoinette’s personal jeweler, according to Jean-Marc Lunel, senior international specialist in the jewelry department at Christie’s in Geneva. 

#4 Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (US$9.41M)

Another ring on our list, this gorgeous diamond ring features a 15.23-carat fancy intense pink oval-cut diamond with VS1 clarity, mounted on a gold band. 

Surrounding the center stone are 10 oval-shaped diamonds F-H color and VVS1-SI1 clarity. 

Nothing much is said about this diamond, except that it fetched a whopping $9.41M dollars. No matter, the owner is sure one lucky fellow. 

#3 The Key 10138 (US$12.3M)

Fun fact: a special auction was commissioned solely for this magnificent diamond. Another Fun fact, this diamond was the first important and notable diamond paid for in cryptocurrency!

The auction, which was set in Hongkong on July 9, 2022 highlighted the sale of this magnificent white diamond. 

This pear-shaped diamond boasts a whopping 101.38 carats, D color(highest color grade)  and Flawless (completely no inclusions), and is considered a Type IIa diamond, the rarest subgroup of diamonds out there as they are chemically pure with exceptional optical transparency and conductivity. 

Having a premium grade quality diamond in this carat is also extremely rare. Only a handful of 100+ carats have every graced the auction houses, and not all in this grade. No wonder, such an important diamond commanded this price. 

#2 The Spectacle (US$14.04M)

Diamond collectors from around the world must be lucky to have another 100+ carat on the market. 

Known as the “ Spectacle”, this emerald-cut, 100.94-carat diamond is another type IIa, D in color and Internally Flawless.

This rare diamond originated from a 207-carat diamond mined in Yakutai. It took almost a year to cut and polish this diamond. This is considered Russia’s largest stone every manufactured. 

This loose diamond fetched $14.04M at Christie’s in May 2022. 

#1 The Sakura (US$29.3M)

Topping our list is this gorgeous pink diamond known as the Sakura Diamond. This ring is adorned by a 15.8-carat Internally Flawless Diamond in Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink color, another type IIa, and 2 trapezoidal diamonds. 

Accordingly, the diamond is exactly the shade of cherry blossom. Also, this clarity and color is quite rare for pink diamonds as fancy diamonds usually has a lot of graining. 

The diamonds are set in a platinum band and was sold at $29.3M by Sotheby’s. 

Notable Mentions

There are a lot of noteworthy jewelry that commanded high prices at auction last 2022. Here are some notable mentions:

  • Emerald-cut square diamond earrings, 25.58-carat each ($5.58M Sotheby’s) 
  • The “Golconda” 55.50-carat loose diamond ($5.28M Christie’s)
  • The Chrysler diamond ($5.07M Christie’s)
  • The Spectacular Diamond Drop Necklace ($4.96M Christie’s)
  • The Dancing Sun ($4.95M Christie’s)

While these diamonds are quite rare and are impossible to get a hold of, you can have your own version of luxury and royalty by commissioning one of your own. At AaLAND, we specialize at creating custom jewelry pieces by trusted and ethically sourced gemstones. You may contact us to learn more.

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Most Expensive Diamonds Sold at an Auction in 2022
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