Non-floral centerpieces — the interactive edition

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So far we’ve brought you non-floral centerpieces versions one and two. Now get ready for non-floral centerpieces version 2.1! We’re talking fun ideas like centerpieces you can play with, centerpieces that can inspire conversation, and even centerpieces that can be devoured…


Photo by Nancy Neil

My buddy got married last year and had the coolest centerpieces. As she and her husband are both chefs, their centerpieces were wine crates filled with edibles like pomegranates, cherry tomatoes, grapes, chili peppers, crab apples, dates, etc. They also threw in a few flowers and tons of succulents — they were beautiful and delicious.


IMG_7015Tina and Nico‘s table decorations were family wedding portraits (this is Nico’s maternal grandparents) and tiny pots of flowers clustered around big silver candelabras.


table settingOkay, when I first saw this picture I thought that these were green koosh balls in a vase. Which could be an awesome interactive centerpiece idea. But what these centerpieces from Tara and Andrew’s wedding are… well, I don’t know, I think they are dried thistles.

Games and snacks

In my last non-floral centerpiece round-up, I mentioned having board games out for people to play. But Miranda and Josh had a different take on a similar idea — gift wrapped games and vases full of snack mix for their guests to enjoy.

Paper lanterns

Crafty-ass Tribe member Lara created this awesome centerpiece: paper flowers wired together into a wreath and a small brightly colored paper lantern. And the great part about these is that, depending on the size of your tables, you can make them bigger by using more flowers and bigger lantern.


Photo courtesy of Aihara Visuals

Having a destination wedding somewhere tropical? Save on flowers and shipping by just picking up a few pineapples like in this Maui wedding from photographer Aihara Visuals. Plus guests can take them back to their hotels to eat them for breakfast the next day!

Collections of vintage and antique-y things

Tribe member SadieRyn made some really awesome non-floral centerpieces from collections of vintage bits and baubles, including mason jars and toys like that cute-ass bear.


CentrepieceNot just one candle, but groups of candles of various heights and widths always look impressive, AND they work as a super sexy lighting addition.


terrarium centerpiece
Photo by iKLiKphoto

Oh man, do I have a love affair with terrariums. Carla and John used them as their centerpieces and I don’t know how guests didn’t start fighting over who got to take them home. It’s a centerpiece that can continue to grow… like your eternal love.

I know there are more awesome interactive centerpiece ideas out there, so lay them on me in the comments! Oh, and make sure you add them to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, so that I can get them in my next centerpiece roundup.

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