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Photo courtesy of She-n-He Photography and Design.
Photo courtesy of She-n-He Photography and Design.

We get a lot of emails asking for bachelorette party advice and then recently I was asked by a soon-to-be married friend of mine for offbeat bachelorette party ideas, citing that, “The awesome male strip revue that we were going to go see only has shows on Friday and Saturday and my party is on a Wednesday night. Boooooo. I need offbeat bachelorette party ideas!”

So here we go, I’ve rounded up a few bachelorette/hens night ideas…

The laid back

Mineral Mud Bath
Photo courtesy of janeyeseeyou via Flickr.
  • Spa day. Perfect for those that just wanna sit back and get pampered before their wedding instead of partying it up, risking a hangover. Grab your closest friends and bond over mani/pedis, massages, or go to one of those places that have those huge mud baths. Those are awesome.
  • Wine/liquor tasting Rent a limo or chose a designated driver and then go wine/beer/liquor tasting. Make sure to buy a bottle (or case) of the bride’s favorite wine at each stop for her to share with her partner.

The adventurous

  • Trapeze class. Take a plunge before you take the plunge (instant rimshot) with a trapeze class.
  • Scavenger hunt. Great for the really creative bridal parties that love to go all out. But, if you don’t wanna do the work and just want to enjoy the hunt, there are companies out there that put these things together. Like my friend’s company, Wise Guys Events that features a bachelorette party game: it is a bar-crawl type game, entirely customizable, with secret agents waiting in different bars that have clues hidden somewhere on their person. (Mention codeword “sharkbite” for a 5% discount, LOL!)

The silly

Photo courtesy of She-n-He Photography and Design.
  • Ugly dress party. Find a big batch of heinous wedding dresses online for cheap and then get your friends and bridesmaids together to have a “Let’s re-imagine these ugly dresses party!” And then go out on the town in them! (This idea came to us from She-n-He Photography and Design, click here to see more info from that night.)
  • Drag shows. Never not fun. (Just make sure you’re clear that they’re ok with bachelorette parties first.)
  • “A cold one and some adult entertainment” aka ice cream, a trip by the local gaming/fantasy store, and an evening of Dramatic Readings of Really Bad Dragon Erotica. (This idea came from Offbeat Bride Tribe member “Ariel (but not that one).”)
  • Karaoke! Need I say more?

The crafty

  • Tom’s shoe decorating party. Tribesmaid “WowJunkie” suggested a Style Your Sole party. She explains, “A Style Your Sole party is people coming together to express themselves and help children in need by customizing their own blank, canvas TOMS.” It’s a charitable and creative good time.
  • Baking party. Take a group baking class — yummy treats and lots of sugar. Or get together the night before the wedding and have everyone bake and then decorate the cupcakes you will serve at your wedding. Of course make sure to bake extras to eat during the party!

The weekend

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Photo courtesy of Roadsidepictures via Flickr.
  • Vegas baby! Don’t know about you, but when I think bachelor/ette parties I think of Las Vegas. Spend the weekend in Sin City dancing, drinking, gambling and smelling like cigarettes. It’s a time-honored tradition.
  • Music festival. Use your bachelorette party as an excuse to spend the weekend at your favorite music festival. Check out to see if there is one that coincides with your wedding plans.
  • Camping Great for those parties that want to get away on the cheap, and for the kind of girls who ain’t afraid to get dirty. Go camping somewhere that had nearby hiking trails, natural water falls or the best yet — natural hot springs!

The girlie

  • Old school slumber party. Blow up air mattresses, grab your sleeping bags, order pizza and then stay up all night watching your guilty pleasure movies and get goofy in your pjs.
  • 80s night. Tribesmaid “Oii 2. ESBiE” said that she and about ten girls drunkenly give each other HORRIBLE ’80s makeovers and then walked a couple blocks to the local independent theatre to see their midnight movie, which is usually a cult classic of some kind (like The Evil Dead, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pretty in Pink, etc.).
  • Take a belly dancing or a pole dancing class. I know a bunch of people who have taken both of these classes and they all say how much they loved them. And the great part about doing it as a group is, who cares if you look like a fool, at least you’re looking silly together. Plus the bride might pick up some fun tips for a wedding night lap dance!

The risque

<Jessica and her bachelorette party clan
Photo courtesy of garyfgarcia on Flickr.
  • Boudoir photo shoot. All the ladies pitch in so that the bride can get some awesome sexy (classy optional) photos done as a gift to both herself and her new husband! Bring drinks and gift her with sexy outfits to wear. For Washington brides, check out recent sponsor, Seattle Boudoir Photography’s bachelorette party deal.
  • Sex toy party. Along with Tupperware and make-up, sex toys are have entered the world of multi-level marketing parties, except these particular parties are WAY more fun than viewing Tupperware. Ask a consultant to come over to your house and spend the night drinking and playing with vibrators.
  • Strip club. Who says that strip clubs are only for bachelor parties? A gentlemen’s or lady’s club, either one can be fun and entertaining. I know I’ve been fascinated a time or two ma’self. And if you’re looking for something a little more artsy, check out a burlesque club.

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