Offbeat Bride trends: Floral veils, balsa wood bouquets, geeky engagement rings, and gorgeous dresses

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This post features offbeat affiliates, meaning that if you buy something featured, you’ll be financially supporting this site’s mission of bringing awesomeness to readers everywhere.

Ok raise your hand… who bought this amazing floral veil?

Most of y’all probably know that part of how Offbeat Bride stays online is with help from affiliate sales, right? This means that if you click a link on our site to spots like Etsy, Nordstrom, or Amazon, we may get a small percentage of sales that come from your click.

Where it gets funny is that we can see what you buy! Now, we can’t see WHO bought, what so your privacy is safe… but based y’all’s purchases these days, we’re starting to sense some Offbeat Bride wedding trends for the year. Let’s take a peek…


This is a Final Fantasy 7 Inspired Aerith Engagement Ring in white gold with champagne sapphire and Emerald lab stones. We love this Nerdy Engagement Ring from Etsy seller MetalWendler


How gorgeous is this Twig and Leaf opal ring set from Etsy seller doronmerav?!


Someone snagged this gorgeous lace wedding dress from Etsy seller LaceMarry and we’re not mad about it.


Is this YOUR balsa wood flower bouquet from Etsy seller Forever Flowers by Gigi!? Because if it is, we want to be friends.


One of you is going to look amazing in this faille fit & flare wedding dress from Nordstrom.


Someone else snagged with bohemian wedding dress from Israeli Etsy seller Barzelai. Lookit that leg slit!

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